built for B. Bosco, 1420, by A. Orsolino; for the -I experience once more the ideal luxury I then use of sick persons, lying-in women, and orphans. enjoyed in the ancient seat of stately Doges and It has a statue of the boy Balillo, who figured at triumphant warriors. The weather, too, was in harthe rising against the French, 1746. Outside the mony with the occasion. Shakespeare might have walls is the Casa di Recovero dei Pazzi (Home of derived the inspiration of that famous lineRecovery for Lunatics), founded 1838, for 300

How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank patients. The hospital for Incurables, in the Via from the lustre of the white Italian orb which shone Giulia, has a portico with marble statues; four that night upon the gardens of the Doria Palace, rooms for fifty each; and a Lord's Supper by and the numberless arched loggie of the marble Cambiaso.

buildings of the Contrada Balbi. The picturesque A Sordo-Muti, or Deaf and Dumb Asylum, was hills which skirt both sides of the valley of Bisagno, founded 1801, by Father Assarotti, on Monte di S. with their elegant villas, were in a blaze of light, Bartolommeo. A Manicomio, or Lunatic Asylum, from the point of Rebizzo's Casino - the most was built 1834-41, on the east hills, near Porta hospitable of all to the far-famed Villetta di Pilla, in the shape of a star. Noceti's Infant Negro; and nothing was wanted to complete the Asylum was founded by a rich merchant. At beauty of the scene." --COUNT ARRIVABENE's Italy Sampierdarena (S. Pier d'Arena, page 21) is the and Victor Emmanuel. Government Tobacco Factory.

Some of the manufactures carried on here are gold The Conserratorio delle Freschine was founded, filigree work, chains, ear-rings, brooches, &c., such 1763, by the Fieschi family, as an asylum for as the Maltese and Venetians are noted for ; silver orphan girls, who learn to weave, embroider, and plate, wood and marble carvings; inlaid cups and make artificial flowers, &c. Many similar estab boxes, from fig-tree wood; works in copper, ivory, lishments are under the Sisters of St. Catherine. and coral articles; damasks, velvets, guipure lace, There is a Protestant Hospital for sailors, well silk, ribbons, cotton, hats, flowers, soap, tobacco, deserving of support from English visitors.

paper, macaroni or pasta, &c.; all these, with rice, The people are simple in their manners, but have oil, olives, fruits, oranges, citrons, &c., the produce a great reputation for cunning; they are essen of both Rivieras, are exported to the value of tially commercial in their habits and instincts, as | £2,000,000 a year; the imports, including raw silk is to be expected from their having so long held from South Italy, &c., cotton from the Levant, pre-eminence as the greatest merchants and linen from North Europe, amount to £3,000,000. bankers, and as the most adventurous mariners of An excursion may be made by he rail to the Europe. The women are well shaped; the poorer west, or by omnibus, to the dress in a long mezzano or veil. There is a good * Villa Pallavicini, at PEGLI, about half-way. display of costume at their Casazze or religious Tickets are got at the Pallavicini Palace, in Genoa; processions, especially in Holy Week.

a fee of 2 fr. is given to the gardener. It is a sort The language is a dialect of the Italian mixed of show place in a fantastic style, adorned by its with Spanish, French, and other words. It has wealthy owner with English, Italian, Turkish, and no z; they slur the lit, and v; saying "dio" Chinese gardens; greenhouses, containing tropical for dito; "noo" for nolo, and such like; and they plants; a Roman arch, marble temples, obelisks, drop the final syllable in words like bastione, which pagodas; a wonderfulgrotto, with a stalactite arch; they sound bastion. A collection of Genoese poems a lake, with olphin-shaped boats, porcelain seats, has been made in G.J. Cavalli's "Chittara."

and porpoises in the form of squirting jets of water; Adrian V. was born here, as well as Andrea Doria, but one of the best things about it is a glorious and Columbus already mentioned. The illustrious prospect of the sea and mountains from the model navigator, who, according to his epitaph at Valla castle, at the highest point of the gardens. dolid, "gave a new world to Castile and Leon," At Villa Spinola, the seat of his friend, Colonel was the son of a weaver named Colombo. Paganini, | Vecchi, Garibaldi resided, before his expedition to another native, bequeathed his fiddle to his native Sicily, in 1860, upon the outbreak of the insurrection city. Mazzini was born here 1808.

against the Bourbons. "I never advised this Sicilian "On the 12th of May, 1859, the year of the Italian movement,” he said, "but since our brethren are war, the French Emperor made his entry into Genoa, fighting, it is my duty to go to the rescue." His the superb queen of the Ligurian Sea. At dawn of motto was, “Italy and Victor Emmanuel!" A reguthat day, the Genoese people were busily engaged lar crusade began; officers and men came in by in crecting triumphal arches, and in adorning the thousands from all parts of Italy, and embarked unbalconies of their white marble palaces, with velvet der the very noses of the authorities, who could not draperies and fresh flowers. The women were in a (and perhaps did not wish to stop it; such was the delirium of joyful expectation, and one might have | magic of Garibaldi's name. Ships cleared out with said that their only occupation consisted in inter saltpetre, rifles, and muskets, which were entered as weaving the laurel leaf with the spotless camellia “soda," "chincaglieria" (hardware), and "ferraof their gardens. When I go back in thought to reccia" (old iron). Ho embarked 5th May, in two the evening of that day, and think of the magnifi- steamers, with 1,067 tried men, leaving Bertani as cent city of Genoa-unquestionably one of the most his agent, to forward reinforcements. Bixio, once beautiful towns of the south, and perhaps superior a ship captain like himself, and a Genoese, accomto all others, excepting Naples and Constantinople panied him. After landing at Telamone, near



Orbitello, on the Tuscan borders, to organise , small bay; population, 4,317. Past Monterosso his little army, he set sail again, and ran into (Stat.), or Monterosso al Mare, to Spezia. Marsala 11th May. In a few weeks he obtained Should the carriage route be preferred, you possession of Sicily; and in 122 days he overran the follow it up to the Pass of Bracco, one of the two Sicilies, and handed over a new kingdom, with highest on the road, 1,350 feet above the sea, nine millions of subjects, to Victor Emmanuel. winding through rocks of coloured marble and

granite, clothed with olives, chestnuts, and myrtles. ROUTE 10.

The Apennines are on the left, bounded by the Genoa, by the Riviera di Levante, to Spezia, old Duchy of Parma. Bracco has a fine view of

Moneglia Bay, Sestri Point, Porto Fino, &c. Lucca, Pisa, Leghorn, and Florence.

Hence, by road, up to the Pass of Velva, 2,100 feet By rail all the way (opened. 1874), to Sestri

high, where vegetation ends, down to BORGHETTO Levante and Spezia; thence to Pisa, &c. The (population, 1,935), where the chestnuts appear steamer runs to Leghorn in 12 hours. (See

again. Here the peculiar flat cloth head-dress of Bradshaw's Continental Guide). Chief stations

the women and the small straw hat are seen. Pass are as follow:

along the River Vara to the top of Foce di Spezia, Miles.


commanding a wide prospect of the beautiful Bay Nervi............................19 ... 7 Deiva.........


of Spezia, the Apennines, and Carrara Mountains. Recco.....................13 Levanto................40 Spezia (Stat.) Sta. Margherita ......17% Monterosso ..........


| Hotels: Grand Hotel de la Croix de Malte: Chiavari ...............241 Corniglia ...............50 Grand Hotel Spezia, exceedingly well situated. Sestri Levante ......287 Spezia ..................567 splendid view; Grand Hotel d'Italie.

The Riviera di Levante (i.e., the east edge) as this | English Vice-Consul; and Church Service. side of the Bay of Genoa is called, is of the same | Spezia is a growing naval port, capital of a delightful character as the west side, or Riviera di province, and bathing-place (population, with Ponente. The road climbs the hill, or sweeps round suburbs, 30, 732), with a Naval Arsenal and Dockbays of the sea, continually presentingnew pictures, yard in progress, and a harbour of 150 acres inside while the Apennines on the left, or in front, are a Mole or Pier, on which 3,000 men are employed. covered with churches, villas, olive woods, &c. Here the great Danolo was launched, 1878; and

From Genoa, the road crosses the Bisagno, and here is the 100-ton Gun, made by Sir W. Armrises towards S. Martino d' Albano, where Byron strong, 32 feet long, 17-inch bore; firing a 2,000 lb. lived, to

shot, with 440 lbs. of powder. It is at the head of Nervi (Stat.), population, 4,624, and its coun the beautiful Spezia Bay, 5 miles by 4, safe, deep, try-seats. A summer and winter resort in a fine and well guarded by forts built by Napoleon, part of the Eastern Riviera Hotels : Eden; Hotel and surrounded by villas. There is a large Lazaand Pension Victoria, close to the Station; Grand retto, for quarantine. La Polla is a freshwater Hotel and Pension Anglaise. English Church Service. spring rising out of the sea. Spezia is the Recco (Stat). The ancient Ricino, on the Via

ancient Portus Lunæ, or Erycis, giving name to Aurelia, a pretty town (population, 4,559), with a

LERICI, on the east side (population, 4,700), a campanile church. To the right is the promontory

fishing port, where Shelley, the poet, with his and harbour of Portus Delphini, now Porto Fino,

friend, Williams, was drowned, 1822. Shelley was rising 2,000 feet high at one point. The Ruta Tun

then living a solitary life at Villa Magni. The nel through the Ligurian Hills, between Camogli

current story is, that his boat was purposely run and Sta. Margherita (Hotel: Bellevue), is 3,500

down, in the belief that there was a box of money yards long.

on board. His body was burnt on the shore by Rapallo (Stat.) Population, 10,018.(Hotel: De

Byron, and the ashes were then interred in the l'Europe and Pension Prandon. An old place, and a

cemetery at Rome. On the west side is the resort for visitors, on a small bay, with a campanile

promontory of black and yellow marble, called and picturesque tower. It produces tunny fish and

Portor, after Porto Venere, a picturesque village coral. Near it is Madonna del Montalegro Church.

on the sit of a Temple of Venus, close to which is

Palmaria Island, and its olive groves. There is a English Church Service here and at Sta. Margherita.

narrow gauge railway, 3 kil. long, up Monte Chiavari (Stat.) Population, 10,501. On a

Cappuccini. plain, with some old arcaded streets, and good It was after embarking at Spezia, 30th July, churches containing sculptures and paintings.

1853, to shoot on Capraja Island, 60 miles distant, Aloes flourish here; gnats are troublesome in that Victor Emmanuel was nearly lost in the Goverautumn.

nolo steamer, by striking on a sunken rock not laid Lavagna (stat.), population, 6,000, a town

down in the chart. Fortunately another vessel was with a red marble palace and fine church, among at hand to save the royal party. quarries of slate called Pietra di Lavagna.

Short line to PONTREMOLI, near the Monte Cisa Sestri Levante (Stat.), population, 8,484, in Pass, over the Apennines, 3, 400 feet high. a beautiful bay opposite Rapallo. From here the From Spezia, by railway to Massa and Pisa, rail inclines coastwards, past Moneglia (Stat.) 461 miles. It crosses the wide stony bed of the river Thence to Levanto (Stat.): an old port on a | Magra by a viaduct, which with the new bridge

for the road, is made especially strong to resist the much of it to the United States, where it is in

Ramon time this

called place; DS preabout, figures d near s have glio, is ves and isit.) ilation, ad of a ed with a trade with a

Elisa; er, and Princess · Massa ons. innines.

11,100. bes and particue grain. 7 Donathe ex15 miles but its te 24.) bathing der the Grande At the Chs. Serchio,


ermans. und Mail



e public

pr, well



manuel. are to the water side at Avenza. Above 120,000 tons, 1 Hotei ao Ivurpo, atyvu.

ved; Hotel in cargoes of 50 tons each, are shipped yearly, Central, Buffet at the handsome Railway Station.

nonnilation, 4,317, Past Monterosso Orbitello, on the Tuscan borders to Ore

n ntaronan Al Mare. to Spezia his little arm Marsala 11th possession of S two Sicilies, a nine millions

Genoa, by th

Lucca, P By rail all Levante and steamer runs Bradshaw's C are as follow:

Sta. Margheri
Chiavari .....
Sestri Levanti

The Riviera side of the Ba delightful cha Ponente. The bays of the sea while the Ape covered with

From Genoa rises towards lived, to

Nervi (Sta try-seats. A part of the Ea and Pension V Hotel and Pen

Recco (Sta Aurelia, a pre campanile chu and harbour : rising 2,000 fe nel through tl and Sta. Ma yards long.

Rapallo (9 l'Europe and 1 resort for visit and picturesq coral. Near i English Church

Chiavari plain, with s churches cor Aloes flouris autumn.

Lavagna with a red mi quarries of sl.

Sestri Le a beautiful bi rail inclines Co Thence to Levanto (stat.); an old port on a | Magra by a viaduct, which with the new briage.

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