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From glorious empire hurled;

By Jove excluded from the sky;

By Albion from the world.

Dem. Were common-wealth restored again,
Thou shouldst have millions of the slain
To fill thy dark abode.

Zel. For he a race of rebels sends,
And Zeal the path of heaven pretends,
But still mistakes the road.

Plu. My labouring thought
At length hath wrought
A bravely bold design,
In which you both shall join.
In borrowed shapes to earth return;Thou, Common-wealth, a Patriot seem,
Thou, Zeal, like true Religion burn,
To gain the giddy crowd's esteem.—
Alecto, thou to fair Augusta go,
And all thy snakes into her bosom throw.

Dem. Spare some, to fling
Where they may sting
The breast of Albion's king.

Zel. Let jealousies so well be mixed,
That great Albanius be unfixed.

Plu. Forbear your vain attempts, forbear;
Hell can have no admittance there;
The people's fear will serve as well,
Make him suspected, them rebel.

Zel. You've all forgot
To forge a plot, In seeming care of Albion's life;Inspire the crowd With clamours loud, To involve his brother and his wife.

Alec. Take, of a thousand souls at thy command, The basest, blackest of the Stygian band,

One. that will swear to all they can invent,

So thoroughly damned, that he can ne'er repent:

One, often sent to earth,

And still at every birth

He took a deeper stain:

One, that in Adam's time was Cain;

One, that was burnt in Sodom's flame,

For crimes even here too black to name:

One, who through every form of ill has run:

One, who in Naboth's days was Belial's son;

One, who has gained a body fit for sin;

Where all his crimes

Of former times

Lie crowded in a skin*.

Piu. Take him,
Make him
What you please;
For he can be
A rogue with ease.
One for mighty mischief born;
He can swear, and be forsworn.

Plu. and Akct. Take him, make him what you please;For he can be a rogue with ease.

P.lu. Let us laugh, let us laugh, let us laugh at our woes, The wretch that is damned has nothing to lose.— Ye furies, advance

Tis a jubilee when the world is in trouble;

With the ghosts in a dance.

• Dr Titus Oates, the principal witness to the Popish Plot, was accused of unnatural and infamous crimes. He was certainly a most ineffably impudent, perjured villain.

When people rebel,
We frolic in hell;

But when the king falls, the pleasure is double.

[A single entry of a Devil, followed by an entry of twelve Devils. Chorus. Let us laugh, let us laugh, let us laugh at our woes, The wretch that is damned hath nothing to lose.

The Scene changes to a Prospect taken from the middle of the Thames; one side of it begins at York-Stairs, thence to tVhite-Hall, and the Alill-lumk, &;c. The other from the Saw-mill, thence to the Bishop's Palace, and on as far as can be seen in a clear day.

Enter Augusta: She has a Snake in her Bosom hanging down.

Aug. O jealousy, thou raging ill,
Why hast thou found a room in lovers' hearts,
Afflicting what thou canst not kill,
And poisoning love himself, with his own darts?
I find my Albion's heart is gone,
My first offences yet remain,
Nor can repentance love regain;
One writ in sand, alas, in marble one.
I rave, I rave! my spirits boil
Like flames increased, and mounting high with

pouring oil;Disdain and love succeed by turns;
One freezes me, and t'other burns; it burns.
Away, soft love, thou foe to rest!
Give hate the full possession of my breast.
Hate is the nobler passion far,
When love is ill repaid;For at one blow it ends the war,
And cures the love-sick maid.

Enter Democracy and Zelota; one represents a Patriot, the other, Religion.

Dem. Let not thy generous passion waste its rage,
But once again restore our golden age;
Still to weep and to complain,
Does but more provoke disdain. Inflame thy blood;With crowds of warlike people thou art stored,
And heaps of gold;
Reject thy old, And to thy bed receive another lord.

Zel. Religion shall thy bonds release,
For heaven can loose, as well as tie all;
And when 'tis for the nation's peace,
A king is but a king on trial;
When love is lost, let marriage end,
And leave a husband for a friend.

Dem. With jealousy swarming,
The people are arming,
The frights of oppression invade them.

Zel. If they fall to relenting,
For fear of repenting,
Religion shall help to persuade them.

Aug. No more, no more temptations use
To bend my will;
How hard a task 'tis to refuse
A pleasing ill!

Dem. Maintain the seeming duty of a wife,
A modest show with jealous eyes deceive;
Affect a fear for hated Albion's life,
And for imaginary dangers grieve.

Zel. His foes already stand protected,
His friends by public fame suspected,
Albanius must forsake his isle;
A plot, contrived in happy hour,


Bereaves him of his royal power,

For heaven to mourn, and hell to smile.

The former Scene continues. Enter Albion and Albanius with a train.

Alb. Then Zeal and Common-wealth infest
My land again;The fumes of madness, that possest
The people's giddy brain,
Once more disturb the nation's rest,
And dye rebellion in a deeper stain.

II. •

Will they at length awake the sleeping sword,

And force revenge from their offended lord?

How long, ye gods, how long

Can royal patience bear

The insults and wrong

Of madmen's jealousies, and causeless fear?


I thought their love by mildness might be gained, By peace I was restored, in peace I reigned;

But tumults, seditions, And haughty petitions, Are all the effects of a merciful nature;Forgiving and granting, Ere mortals are wanting, But leads to rebelling against their creator.

Mercury descends.

Mer. With pity Jove beholds thy state,
But Jove is circumscribed by fate;
The o'erwhelming tide rolls on so fast,
It gains upon this island's waste;
And is opposed too late! too late!

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