My Life in China and America

Earnshaw Books, 2007 - 164 頁
This book, first published in 1909, in the autobiography of a man who witnessed and played a key role in 19th century China. Remarkably, the book was written in English – Yung Wing, born in 1828, was the first Chinese person ever to graduate from a major US college. He then returned to his own world, seeing it now with outsiders’ eyes. He brokered the purchase of China’s first arms factory from the US, and proposed widespread financial and social changes, which were the inspiration for the changes China went through in the 20th century. This is a unique and highly readable book.

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This is a very interesting memoir, written by a man who saw, and helped foster, the beginnings of his country's transformation. Yung Wing ( ny ) was born in the south of China, near Macao, and had the ... 閱讀評論全文

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Yung Wing, who was born in a village in southern China in 1828 and became the first Chinese person ever to be educated at a major US college, graduating from Yale in 1854. He returned to China and visited the Taiping rebel capital of Nanjing, giving active consideration to helping them in their struggle to overthrow the Manchu government. He was a part of the missionary Christian community of the United States, and a great believer in the strengths and benefits of Western civilization, but also fiercely patriotic and proud of being Chinese.