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“ said, how long have I to live, that I should go up " with the King unto Jerusalem? I am this day four" score years old, and can I discern between Good " and Evil? Can thy Servant taste what I eat or “ drink? Can I hear any more the Voice of Sing“ing. Men and Singing-Women? Wherefore, then, “ should thy Servant be yet a burden unto my Lord “ the King?-Let thy Servant, I pray thee, turn back “ again, that I may Die in my own City, and be buried by the Grave of my Father, and of my Mother; " and let thy Servant Chimnam, (who was Barzillai's “ Son) go over with my Lord the King; and do to him " what shall seem good to thee. And the King anw swered-.-Chimnam shall go over with me, and I “ shall do to him, what seems Good to thee; and “ whatsoever thou shalt require, I will do to thee also. And all the people went over Jordan, and “ when the King came over, he kissed Barzillai and blessed him, and returned unto his own Place.

And having thus withdrawn ourselves, at a proper period of our age, from the Strifes and Vanities of the World, it is our duty to inquire what conduct will render our gray Hairs a Crown of Glory?

And surely a more venerable Spectacle cannot be beheld under the Sun, than a Man stricken in Years, the Father of a Family, deserving and obtaining the love and esteem of all around him!

I am ravished with the Thought, and my Imagi. nation presents to me the good Old-Man, finishing his Walk of life in the Fear of God, and in good Offices to Men. No Morning or Evening passes over his Head, without due Praises and Thanksgiv

ings to his Almighty Maker, for all the Benefits and Mercies bestowed on him. I behold him, like some ancient Patriarch, (in the midst of his loving and beloved Family) at once their Prophet, their Priest and their King---as their Prophet, counselling them with all the Experience of Years, and Inspiration of Wisdom; as their Priest, offering up their Prayers and pleading for their Failings, at the Throne of Grace; and as their King, ruling them with Affection, and swaying them by the powerful Example of his own goodness!

At one Time, methinks I behold him tenderly in. terested in all their Domestic Concerns, and temporal Happiness; at another Time I see him retired from hurry and noise, resting his venerable Limbs under some friendly Shade; composing his Soul to the Exercises of private Devotion; reviewing in the Field of calmer Reason and Religion, all the Transactions of his former more busy and active Years; bewailing the Faults he hath committed, and taking Sanctuary from their Sting in the Bosom of his Saviour, and his God! And although rejoicing in the Remembrance of his Moments that were well spent, yet not even resting on his best Works for Salvation; but seeking it through the Merits of Jesus Christ; striving to humble and purify himself more and more, even as his Master Christ, was humble and pure!

Methinks I behold him, at other times, comfort. ing the Afficted, relieving where he can relieve; or, where that is not in his power, dropping at least the Sympathetic Tear, and wishing that the means of his Bounty, were as enlarged as his Heart to give. I hear

him likewise giving ready Counsel to all that ask; I behold him saving, or striving to save, some thought. less Youth from the Snares of the world, pouring his Balın into the wounded Character and Conscience, composing the Strifes and Contentions of jarring Neighbours, and ever exerting himself to make a whole World happy; concealing and bearing with Patience, his own infirmities and promoting Religion, Justice, Peace and Joy, to the farthest extent in his power.

None ever can approach such a Man but with Reverence! His gray Hairs are indeed a crown of Glory! They strike even the giddy and profligate with Awe; and all are ready to cry out, in Scripture Language...

“O how comely a thing is Judgment for gray " Hairs, and for ancient men to know Council! O " how comely is the wisdom of old Men, and Underu standing and Council to Men of Honour. Much “ experience is the Crown of the Aged, and the fear “ of God is their Glory!” and who is there here present that will not add to the prayer...“ Lord God “ grant that when gray Hairs cover this Head of “ mine, I may live the life of such a man, and that “ my latter end may be honourable like his!”

Should a man who has acted such a dignified part as this, come at last to bear the greatest marks of decay, and even outlive all the active powers both of Body and Mind; yet still he will continue to be respected by all! Like some grand Structure, tottering and crumbling beneath the Hand of Time, he will appear beautiful and majestic, although in Ruins; and

be still looked upon with Reverence and Awe! even by the Giddy and the Dissolute.

Notwithstanding, therefore, the common complaint, that old Age is a Thing not desirable; yet if it be such an old Age as we have been describing, and which is in part copied from the Life of the good Man, whose breathless Clay lies before us, it hath Satisfactions more substantial than all the giddy and fantastic Joys of former years. The Autumn, and even the very Winter of such a Life, yield a calm Sunshine of comfort, which the splendid Spring and Summer of Life, cannot yield to many who think themselves the most happy!

Now,* untó Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the Power that worketh in us; unto Him be Glory in the Church by Christ Jesus, throughout all Ages, World without End. Amen.

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GENESIS, Chap. XV. Ver. 15. And thou shalt go to thy Fathers in Peace; thou shalt be buried

in a good old Age.

NE read here, Brethren, part of a Patriarchal Blessing-the Promise of God to Abram—a Blessing or Promise wished for by Many, obtained by Few, and revealed to Fewer still—but, without Promise, it hath been a Blessing propitiously bestowed upon our Friend and Fellow-Citizen; to whose venerable Ashes we are here assembled to pay the last Honours of funeral Interment!

The words of our Text were delivered to Abram, in a Vision of the Night, by the Almighty, and intended for his Comfort, at a Time when (finding old Age far advanced upon him) he laboured under great Sorrow and Affliction, “because he went Childless, and had no Heir to inherit either his Name or

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