The Spirit of the Public Journals: Being an Impartial Selection of the Most Exquisite Essays and Jeux D'esprits, Principally Prose, that Appear in the Newspapers and Other Publications, 第 4 卷

Stephen Jones, Charles Molloy Westmacott
James Ridgway, 1801


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第 301 頁 - This is the life which those who fret in guilt, And guilty cities, never knew ; the life Led by primeval ages, uncorrupt, When angels dwelt, and God himself, with man!
第 336 頁 - O catch the high import, ye winds, as ye blow; O bear it, ye waves, as ye roll From regions that feel the sun's vertical glow, To the farthest extremes of the Pole.
第 260 頁 - I behold thee, though longing to die, Approach the new heav'n with a tear and a figh ; For, oh, the fond figh 'midft enjoyment will ftray— And a tear is the tribute which rapture muft pay ! Still, ftill, doft thou tremble that pleafure to feek Which pants on thy bofom arid glows on thy check : Confufionand ftiame thy fofl wilhes deftroy — And terror cuts oft...
第 249 頁 - Where history's traced with the pen of a Varro, And Elvira in black, and Alonzo in white, Put an end to the piece by killing Pizarro.
第 52 頁 - Erin, my country! though sad and forsaken, In dreams I revisit thy sea-beaten shore; But , alas ! in a far foreign land I awaken, And sigh for the friends who can meet me no more! Oh, cruel fate! wilt thou never replace me In a mansion of peace, where no perils can chase me? Never again shall my brothers embrace me? They died to defend me, — or live to deplore ! Where is my cabin door, fast by the wild wood?
第 343 頁 - Farewell, Helvetia ! from whose lofty breast Proud Alps arise, and copious rivers flow ; Where, source of streams, eternal glaciers rest, And peaceful Science gilds the plains below.
第 69 頁 - His belly was up blown with luxury; And eke with fatness swollen were his eyne; And like a crane his neck was long and fine, With which he swallowed up excessive feast, For want whereof poor people oft did pine.
第 311 頁 - The Reports of the Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor, 5 vols.
第 52 頁 - Sad is my fate! said the heart-broken stranger; The wild deer and wolf to a covert can flee, But I have no refuge from famine and danger, A home and a country remain not to me.
第 260 頁 - For it (hows me my rival prepar'd to invade Thofe charms which at once 1 admir'd and obey'd! Far off each forbidding incumbrance is thrown, And, Sally, thy beauties no more are thy own; Thy coynefs, too, flies, as love brings to thy view A trance more ecftatic than faint ever knew ! And yet I behold thee...