Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, 第 17 卷

List of members in each volume.

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第 147 頁 - I have been bullied by an usurper, I have been neglected by a court, but I will not be dictated to by a subject ; your man shan't stand. " ANNE, DORSET, PEMBRoKE,
第 429 頁 - human remains and works of art, such as arrow-heads and knives of flint, occur in all parts of the cave and throughout the entire thickness of the clay : and no distinction founded on condition, distribution, or relative position, can be observed, whereby the human can be separated from the •other reliquiae," which included bones of the "elephant, rhinoceros, ox, deer, horse, bear, hyaena, and a feline animal of large size.
第 56 頁 - Whan that Aprille, with hise shoures soote, The droghte of March hath perced to the roote And bathed every veyne in swich licour, Of which vertu engendred is the flour; Whan Zephirus eek with his swete...
第 210 頁 - You see these four squires, who have always served me most loyally, and especially in this day's engagement. What glory I may have gained has been through their means, and by their valour ; on which account I wish to reward them.
第 138 頁 - Duchess marked his weary pace. His timid mien, and reverend face, And bade her page the menials tell, That they should tend the old man well: For she had known adversity, Though born in such a high degree ; In pride of power, in beauty's bloom, Had wept o'er Monmouth's bloody tomb!
第 19 頁 - RULES. 1. THE Association shall be styled the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature, and Art. 2. The objects of the Association are — To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific enquiry in Devonshire ; and to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science, Literature, or Art, in different parts of the county. 3. The Association shall consist of Members, Honorary Members, and Corresponding Members. 4. Every candidate for membership,...
第 19 頁 - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry; to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate science in different parts of the British Empire with one another, and with foreign philosophers ; to obtain a more general attention to the objects of science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
第 20 頁 - The President shall not be eligible for re-election. 12. Each Annual Meeting shall appoint a local Treasurer and Secretary, who, with power to add to their number any Members of the Association, shall be a* local Committee to assist in making such local arrangements as may be desirable. 13. In the intervals of the Annual Meetings, the affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Council, which shall consist exclusively of the following Members of the Association, excepting Honorary Members, and...
第 26 頁 - ... any number of copies less than fifty, or between two exact multiples of fifty, shall be regarded as fifty ; and any number of pages less than eight, or between two exact multiples of eight, shall be regarded as eight ; that each copy of such...
第 276 頁 - Exoniensis ; being a Collection of Records and Instruments illustrating the ancient conventual, collegiate, and eleemosynary Foundations in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon.