Black's Tourist's Guide to Scotland


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第98页 - Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne." '.- -•Vice-Chancellor Wood stated that Dr. J COLLIS BROWNE was undoubtedly the Inventor of CHLORODYNE ; that the whole story of the defendant Freeman was deliberately untrue.
第57页 - Family Hotel has long stood pre-eminent ; and the Proprietor •*- would remark that the same care and unremitting attention, which are universally acknowledged by all who have patronised him, it will be his constant study to continue.
第33页 - The moon on the east oriel shone Through slender shafts of shapely stone, By foliaged tracery combined; Thou wouldst have thought some fairy's hand 'Twixt poplars straight the osier wand In many a freakish knot had twined; Then framed a spell, when the work was done, And changed the willow wreaths to stone.
第40页 - He was killed by the bursting of a cannon at the siege of the castle of Roxburgh.
第27页 - O'er airy steep, through copsewood deep, Impervious to the sun. There the rapt poet's step may rove, And yield the muse the day ; There Beauty, led by timid Love, May shun the tell-tale ray ; From that fair dome, where suit is paid By blast of bugle free, To Auchendinny's hazel glade.
第98页 - Diarrhoea, and is the only specific in Cholera and Dysentery. CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation, and Spasms.
第79页 - The Manager personally undertakes the formation of Excursion Parties with a view to their comfort and economy. The Lakes afford excellent Salmon and Trout Fishing. BOATS, CARRIAGES, PONIES, &c., WITH STEADY ATTENDANTS, ALWAYS READY FOR ENGAGEMENT.
第98页 - We have made pretty extensive use of Chlorodyne in our practice lately, and look upon It as an excellent direct Sedative and Anti-Spasmodic. It seems to allay pain and irritation in whatever organ, and from whatever cause. It induces a feeling of comfort and quietude not obtainable by any other remedy, and It seems to possess tills great advantage over all other Sedatives, that it leaves no unpleasant after-effects.
第96页 - JAY'S experienced DRESSMAKERS and MILLINERS Travel to any part of the Kingdom, Free of expense to purchasers. They take with them dresses and millinery, besides Patterns of materials, At Is.
第76页 - TOURS IN SCOTLAND. THE CALEDONIAN RAILWAY COMPANY have arranged a system of TOURS— over 100 in number — by Rail, Steamer, and Coach, comprehending almost every place of interest either for scenery or historical associations throughout Scotland, including — EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, ABERDEEN, DUNDEE. INVERNESS, GREENOCK, PAISLEY. DUMFRIES, PEEBLES, STIRLING, PERTH, CRIEFF...