Black's Guide to Edinburgh and Environs: Hawthornden and Roslin

A. & C. Black, 1868 - 90页

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第87页 - O'er Roslin all that dreary night A wondrous blaze was seen to gleam ; 'Twas broader than the watch-fire's light, And redder than the bright moonbeam. It glared on Roslin's castled rock, It ruddied all the copse-wood glen ; 'Twas seen from Dryden's groves of oak, And seen from cavern'd Hawthornden.
第88页 - There are twenty of Roslin's barons bold Lie buried within that proud chapelle; Each one the holy vault doth hold— But the sea holds lovely Rosabelle. And each St Clair was buried there, With candle, with book, and with knell ; But the sea-caves rung, and the wild winds sung, The dirge of lovely Rosabelle ! XXIV.
第9页 - Christ 1840, and never likely to see the light again till all the surrounding structures are crumbled to dust by the decay of time, or by human or elemental violence, may then testify to a distant posterity that his countrymen began on that day to raise an effigy and architectural monument to...
第87页 - O listen, listen, ladies gay! No haughty feat of arms I tell; Soft is the note, and sad the lay, That mourns the lovely Rosabelle. —" Moor, moor the barge, ye gallant crew! And, gentle ladye, deign to stay! Rest thee in Castle Ravensheuch, Nor tempt the stormy firth to-day. " The blackening wave is edged with white; To inch * and rock the sea-mews fly; The fishers have heard the Water-Sprite, Whose screams...
第1页 - Lochinver, and Stornoway ; affording Tourists an opportunity of Visiting the magnificent Scenery of Glencoe, the Coolin Hills, Loch Coruisk, Loch Maree, and the famed islands of Staffa and lona. V...
第54页 - Rizzio, who saw that his life was aimed at, got behind her, and clasped the folds of her gown, that the respect due to her person might protect him. The assas(sins threw down the table, and seized on the unfortunate object of their vengeance, while Darnley himself took hold of the Queen, and forced Rizzio and her asunder.
第42页 - No sculptured marble here, nor pompous lay, ' No storied urn nor animated bust ;' This simple stone directs pale Scotia's way To pour her sorrows o'er her poet's dust.
第4页 - Williams observes, that the distant view of Athens from the jEgean Sea, is extremely like that of Edinburgh from the Firth of Forth, " though certainly the latter is considerably superior...
第18页 - The Hotel is in the principal Street, near all the Public Offices and the Railway Station. A conveyance awaits the arrival of all Trains and Steamers.
第55页 - And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever.