American Film Tales

Robert Cettl, 2014年9月20日 - 57 頁

 The Golden Age of American Cinema Up Close and Personal. The famous director who roughed up a death row inmate during a prison interview to get the emotional reaction he wanted | the Disney movie into which was inserted an image from Playboy magazine forcing a VHS recall | the model for a company whose logo was “99 & 44/100% Pure” who made a fortune as a porn star. These and dozens of other choice movie-making anecdotes comprise American Film Tales, a genre by genre tour through the secret history of Hollywood back-story folklore. Famous directors, actors, movies and critics feature in this compendium of movie stories, making American Film Tales the ideal book companion for home theatre buffs in the digital age and faced with an array of viewing choices. Comprehensively researched and organized into easy to access genre-themed chapters, Hollywood history has never been as accessible and as infotaining as it is here and now.


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Robert Cettl is a former SAR Research Fellow at Australia's National Film & Sound Archive. His scholarly work is published by McFarland & Co. Inc. and Bloomsbury Academic in the USA and collected by the National Libraries of China, Australia and the US Library of Congress. An EFL teacher currently living and working in China, his ethnographic digital feature films are collected by Australia's National Film & Sound Archive and available on Pay Per View. Most recently he became the CEO of CAILL Transmedia Pty. Ltd. an international educational publisher soon to debut its digital range.