The Works of Christopher Marlowe ...

W. Pickering, 1826
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第322页 - Which, lightened by her neck, like diamonds shone. She ware no gloves; for neither sun nor wind Would burn or parch her hands, but, to her mind, Or warm or cool them, for they took delight To play upon those hands, they were so white.
第321页 - Her wide sleeves green, and bordered with a grove, Where Venus in her naked glory strove To please the careless and disdainful eyes Of proud Adonis, that before her lies ; Her kirtle blue, whereon was many a stain, Made with the blood of wretched lovers slain.
第345页 - Which made his love through Sestos to be known, And thence unto Abydos sooner blown Than he could sail, for incorporeal Fame, Whose weight consists in nothing but her name, Is swifter than the wind, whose tardy plumes Are reeking water and dull earthly fumes.
第326页 - Blood-quaffing Mars heaving the iron net, Which limping Vulcan and his Cyclops set; Love kindling fire, to burn such towns as Troy...
第352页 - One half appear'd the other half was hid. Thus near the bed she blushing stood upright, And from her countenance behold ye might A kind of twilight break, which through the air, As from an orient cloud, glimps'd here and there ; And round about the chamber this false morn Brought forth the day before the day was born.
第402页 - Come, naked Virtue's only tire, The reaped harvest of the light, Bound up in sheaves of sacred fire. Love calls to war; Sighs his alarms, Lips his swords are, The field his arms.
第328页 - And I in duty will excel all other, As thou in beauty dost exceed Love's mother. Nor heaven, nor thou, were made to gaze upon, As heaven preserves all things, so save thou one. A stately builded ship, well rigged and tall, The ocean maketh more majestical.
第324页 - A pleasant smiling cheek, a speaking eye, A brow for love to banquet royally; And such as knew he was a man would say, Leander, thou art made for amorous play: Why arc thou not in love, and loved of all? Though thou be fair, yet be not thine own thrall.
第341页 - Yet as she went, full often look'd behind, And many poor excuses did she find To linger by the way, and once she stay'd, And would have turn'd again, but was afraid, In offering parley, to be counted light.
第326页 - Venus' glass. There might you see the gods in sundry shapes, Committing heady riots, incest, rapes: For know, that underneath this radiant...