Israel at Vanity Fair: Jews and Judaism in the Writings of W.M. Thackeray

BRILL, 1992年1月1日 - 439 頁
The book seeks, for the first time in any language, to combine Thackeray's many depictions of, and comments on, Jews and Judaism, from Old Testament times to his own present, into a coherent, chronologically ordered narrative. Texts and early versions that have not found their way into the collected editions are considered alongside well-known passages from Barry Lyndon, Vanity Fair, The Newcomes and Rebecca and Rowena. Since Thackeray illustrated many of his own works, graphic illustrations are as carefully chronicled and considered as narrative ones. The writings and drawings examined are set in a fourfold context: Thackeray's own life, psychological make-up, and developing art and opinions; the social history of Britain and its Jews; British and European literary and graphic conventions, traditions, and stereotypes; and the interplay of prejudice or animus with an essential British fairmindedness that strives to present as truthful a picture as the author's limited perspectives, or satiric and humorous purposes, will allow.
The book constitutes a substantial addition to the existing body of studies devoted to the image of Jews and Judaism in the work of influential non-Jewish writers and artists.
Readership: students of English literature, scholars in the field of Jewish studies, sociologists, historians and all who are interested in the interrelation of verbal and pictorial iconography.

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Queer Graces 18111836
Shadows at Follys Heels 18361840
Wandering Race 18401843
High Life and Squalor 18431846
Patterns of Penetration 18411847
Rebecca at the Fair 18471848
The World of Alderman Moses 18481851
Beyond the Counting House 18521857
Ever Wonderful 18571863
Punch on the Unity of Race Movement

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Siegbert S. Prawer is Taylor Professor of German emeritus in Oxford University, Honorary Fellow and Dean of Degrees of Queen's College, Oxford, a member of the British Academy and the German Academy of Language and Literature, honorary member of the MLA of America, and the author of books on comparative literary studies, the cinema of terror and its literary roots, Karl Marx and world literature, Morike, and Heine; he has also edited books on Romanticism, the "Lied" and modern poetry.