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Book Excerpt: uld faininterpret to the mind the painful sensations of distempered sleep; butneither lessen nor dim the deep sense of my moral and intellectualobligations. He sent us to the University excellent Latin and Greekscholars, and tolerable Hebraists. Yet our classical knowledge was theleast of the good gifts, which we derived from his zealous andconscientious tutorage. He is now gone to his final reward, full ofyears, and full of honours, even of those honours, which were dearestto his heart, as gratefully bestowed by that school, and still bindinghim to the interests of that school, in which he had been himselfeducated, and to which during his whole life he was a dedicated thing.From causes, which this is not the place to investigate, no models ofpast times, however perfect, can have the same vivid effect on theyouthful mind, as the productions of contemporary genius. Thediscipline, my mind had undergone, Ne falleretur rotundo sono etversuum cursu, cincinnis, et floribus; sed ut inspiceret quidnRead More

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