Mary Reed Missionary to the Lepers

Kessinger Publishing, 2005年1月1日 - 152 頁
1912. The story of Miss Reed who served for more than 20 years as a missionary to the Lepers. Contents: Early Life; Discovery and Decision; The Way of the Cross; Appointed to Chandag; Among the Lepers; Trials and Triumphs-1894; Praise and Progress-1895; A Welcome Visitor; Travail of Soul-1896; Year by Year; Christmas with the Lepers; A Vision of the Night; Divided Duties-1897; Light and Shade-1898; and The Prayer of Faith-1899.

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John Jackson is the senior pastor of Carson Valley Christian Center in Minden, Nevada. He is also the president of VisionQuest Ministries, a non-profit leadership development company.