Ballads and Other Poems

G.P. Putnam, 1849 - 270页

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第188页 - Come up! come up! for the world is fair Where the merry leaves dance in the summer air." And the birds below give back the cry, "We come, we come to the branches high.
第44页 - Oh, the miller, how he will laugh, When he sees the mill-dam rise ! The jolly old miller, how he will laugh, Till the tears fill both his eyes ! ' " And some they seized the little winds, That sounded over the hill, And each put a horn into his mouth, And blew so sharp and shrill ! "
第43页 - And where have you been, my Mary, And where have you been from me?" "I've been to the top of the Caldon-Low, The midsummer night to see!" "And what did you see, my Mary, All up on the Caldon-Low?" "I saw the glad sunshine come down, And I saw the merry winds blow.
第190页 - Tis dreary crossing o'er the wold. He's crossing o'er the wold apace, He's stronger than the storm ; He does not feel the cold, not he, His heart it is so warm ; For father's heart is stout and true As ever human bosom knew.
第43页 - Then take me on your knee, mother, And listen, mother of mine : A hundred fairies danced last night, And the harpers they were nine. " And merry was the glee of the harp-strings And their dancing feet so small ; But, oh, the sound of their talking Was merrier far than all...
第191页 - I know he's coming by this sign, That baby's almost wild ; See how he laughs and crows and stares — Heaven bless the merry child ! He's father's self in face and limb, And father's heart is strong in him.
第187页 - With its airy chambers, light and boon, That open to sun and stars and moon, That open unto the bright blue sky, And the frolicsome winds as they wander by.
第187页 - How pleasant the life of a bird must be, Flitting about in each leafy tree ; In the leafy trees so broad and tall, Like a green and beautiful palace hall, With its airy chambers, light and boon...
第44页 - And what were the words, my Mary, That then you heard them say ? " " I 'll tell you all, my mother; But let me have my way. " Some of them played with the water, And rolled it down the hill;
第189页 - mong the flowering trees ; Lightly to soar, and to see beneath The wastes of the blossoming purple heath, And the yellow furze, like fields of gold, That...