Memoirs of Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain, 第 2 卷

Jones & Company ., 1821
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第 122 頁 - Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in Common Council assembled.
第 361 頁 - ... preliminary proceedings it is for me to speak ; it is for me to remonstrate with your majesty; it is for me to protest ; it is for me to apprize you of my determination.
第 365 頁 - If my life would have satisfied your Majesty, you should have had it on the sole condition of giving me a place in the same tomb with my child ; but, since you would send me dishonoured to the grave, I will resist the attempt with all the means that it shall please God to give me.
第 27 頁 - I am sure none of any importance. I think it right to send to you an extract of a letter from Lord Liverpool to me. His words are : — ' It is material that her Majesty should know, confidentially, that if she shall be so...
第 356 頁 - ... and cruelty, and especially when perpetrated by a perversion and a mockery of the laws. A sense of what is due to my character and sex forbids me to refer minutely to the real causes of our domestic separation, or to the numerous unmerited insults offered me previously to that period ; but, leaving to your Majesty to reconcile with the marriage, vow the act of driving by such means a wife from beneath your roof, with an infant in her arms, your Majesty will permit me to remind you...
第 104 頁 - The king is willing to recommend to parliament to enable his majesty to settle an annuity of £50,000 a-year upon the queen, to be enjoyed by her during her natural life, and in lieu of any claim in the nature of jointure or otherwise, provided she will engage not to come into any part of the British dominions, and provided she engages to take some other name or title than that of queen ; and not to exercise any of the rights or privileges of queen, other than with respect to the appointment of law-officers,...
第 104 頁 - The memorandum mentioned by Lord Liverpool is as follows :— "The act of the 54th Geo. III. cap. 160, recognised the separation of the Prince Regent from the Princess of Wales, and allotted a separate provision for the Princess. This provision was to continue during the life of his late Majesty, and to determine at his demise. In consequence of that event, it has altogether ceased, and no provision can be made for her until it shall please His Majesty to recommend to parliament an arrangement for...
第 315 頁 - An Act to deprive her Majesty Queen Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of the title, prerogatives, rights, privileges, and exemptions of Queen Consort of this realm, and to dissolve the marriage between his Majesty . and the said Caroline Amelia Elizabeth.
第 35 頁 - ... to the house of Brunswick, and of our determination to support, at all times, those principles which placed them on the British throne. We rejoice at the opportunity which your majesty has at this time been graciously pleased to afford us of addressing you, for whom we entertain the highest and most profound veneration and respect; and to assure your majesty how fully we participate in every happiness you can experience ; and more particularly on your being now placed on the British throne as...
第 108 頁 - Her Majesty's dignity and honour being secured, she regards all other matters as of comparatively little importance, and is willing to leave every thing to the decision of any person or persons, of high station and character, whom both parties may concur in naming ; and who shall have authority to prescribe the particulars as to residence, patronage, and income — subject, of course, to the approbation of Parliament.