The Journal of the Siam Society, 第 1-3 卷

The Society, 1905

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第 223 頁 - ... Whitehall Place. Established in 1830. Fellows (FRGS), admitted by ballot, pay an entrance of £3, and an annual subscription of £2. The society possesses a good collection of books and maps, and publishes a quarterly journal. THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY, 5 New Burlington Street. Founded in 1823 for the investigation and encouragement of art, science, and literature, in relation to Asia. Their library is rich in oriental MSS. and Chinese books. The museum contains a collection of oriental arms...
第 146 頁 - The swans go on the path of the sun, they go through the ether by means of their miraculous power; the wise are led out of this world, when they have conquered Mara and his train.
第 142 頁 - Now this abath is a beast which hath one home onely in her forehead, and is thought to be the female unicorne, and is highly esteemed of all the Moores in those parts as a most soueraigne remedie against poyson.
第 16 頁 - Trustworthy men of all the (four) castes (varna) may be made witnesses in lawsuits, (men) who know (their) whole duty, and are free from covetousness ; but let him reject those (of an) opposite (character) . 64. Those must not be made (witnesses) who have an interest in the suit, nor familiar (friends), companions, and enemies (of the parties), nor (men) formerly convicted (of perjury), nor (persons) suffering under (severe) illness, nor (those) tainted (by mortal sin).
第 240 頁 - The Council of the Society shall be composed of the Officers for the current year, and its duties shall be : — a. To administer the affairs, property and trusts of the Society. b. To elect Ordinary Members, and recommend Honorary Members for election by the Society.
第 151 頁 - ... them for Atcheen, and there make sale of them, and Jonkceyloan often feels the weight of their depredations. " The north end of Jonkceyloan lies within a mile of the continent, but the south end is above three leagues from it. Between the island and the continent is a good harbour for shipping in the south-west monsoons, and on the west side of the island Puton [ Patong, QiQ ilspifN ] bay is a safe harbour in the north-east winds.
第 16 頁 - Nor one wholly dependent, nor one of bad fame, nor a Dasyu, nor one who follows forbidden occupations, nor an aged (man), nor an infant, nor one (man alone), nor a man of the lowest castes, nor one deficient in organs of sense. 67. Nor one extremely grieved, nor one intoxicated, nor a madman, nor one tormented by hunger or thirst, nor one oppressed by fatigue, nor one tormented by desire, nor a wrathful man, nor a thief. 68. Women should give evidence for women, and for twiceborn men twice-born men...
第 62 頁 - The mountain nasses are not hiirh. and lonal traditions are to the effect that the Indians who first settled in Trang subsequently passed over to the Patalung side, possibly on account of hostile incursions from Sumatra into Trang. There is a limestone cave at Kou Sabab on the Trang river where there are the remains of an old Buddha, and an inscription in Siamese written in red paint on a smooth face of rock near the mouth of the cave; it describes how certain monks had gone there to exalt the religion...
第 16 頁 - P'hrah Ruang was one of the first kings of Sukhet'ai, probably Rama K'ambeng; he lived in the second half of the thirteenth century ADEG Gerini52 regarded this collection of wise sayings "as a genuine product of the period, as the ethical code of the re-born nation, embodying the outcome of the wisdom matured during the long centuries of servitude and tempered and made more poignant by the novel spirit of freedom that pervaded the age"53.