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25. Either of three roads leads to the city. 26. Repeat the first four lines in concert.

27. The child has a ravenous appetite which we have just seen.

28. The friend has gone to the city that has been visiting


29. Every plant and tree produces after their kind.

30. Each of the senses should be kept within their proper bounds.

31. Neither wealth or talent have power to save their possessor.

32. The propriety of such methods were evident. 33 In piety and virtue consist the happiness of man. 34. To rise and retire early are good for one's health. 35. No slave, no master, now exists in our country.

36. Ambition, and not the safety of the people, were concerned.

37. Not her beauty, but her talents, attracts attention. 38. The general, with all his army, were captured. 39. The mill, with all it's appurtenances, were destroyed. 40. Either you or I are mistaken. 41. He advised me to not go.

42. I have never cheated any man, and I never intend to. 43.

We intended to have shipped your goods yesterday. 44. I have went over this work many times, and its not perfect yet.

45. He talks as his brother does, but he walks like his father.

46. She always looks beautifully, but she never does her work neat.

47. I will divide my candy between Flora and Emma; my marbles between Lee, Wilford, and Budd.

48. As soon as he arrived he went in the house.

49. He went to the city accompanied with his sister. 50. He died from cholera. 51. Neither the father nor the son were here. 52. Between you and I there is no ill feeling. 53. They taught that bodies were composed of salt. 54. I am older than him, but he is heavier than me. 55. Neither Ella or Anna were at home. 56. There should be no quarreling among we four.

57. The confusion was caused by the manager changing his plans.

58. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to take care of all the monies and funds of the society.

59. The removing of the drowned babies from the steamer was a heart rending scene.

60. Them books are all mine.

61. The three last chapters of the book are the most interesting

62. We have just bought two tons of coal and a green load of wood.

63. A humble heart shall find favor. 64. He was to frightened to tell what he had saw. 65. I was that tired that I couldn't work no longer. 66. Was it a man or a woman's voice that we heard.

67. You will not find him to home this morning, I don't think.

68. Who was Cortez sent out by ?
69. We can't wait no longer for them boys.

70. Was it her that was talking so loud in the next room?

71. He can write as good as the teacher.
72. He acted very independent about the matter.
73. She seemed real glad to see us.

74. I have only received one letter from Jennie and she since they left.


75. The judge sentenced him to jail for disorderly conduct ten days.

76. I can neither find him nor his brother. 77. She felt the need for someone to advise her. 78. We divided the apples between the five children. 79. Where have you been at? 80. Why don't you do like I do? 81.

One can't expect to learn grammar without he studies it diligently.

82. My brother is not quite as tall as me.

83. Neither the chairman or the secretary would give their consent.

84. It must have been him which you seen, not me.
85. Who do you think she took Nellie and I to be?
86. All the girls had gone except Grace and I.
87. It was him refusing to try that irritated me.

A dog and a cats' head are differently shaped. 89. He wouldn't go without we did. 90. I believe our rooms are more pleasant than their's.

91. He was seated at the table with a glass of ale on both sides of him. 92. He must have wanted to see them


much. 93. If I was to remove this weight what would happen.

94. I don't think he acted quite fair to his brother-inlaws.

95. For sale, a dictionary and atlas, both nearly new. 96. I am afraid that the poor boy don't know no better.

97. With this machine you can make two hundred copies of anything that can be written on a page of note paper in five minutes.

98. But for you and I he would have drownded. 99. Much depends on the teacher correcting the papers. 100. Much depends on the teacher's correcting the papers,



Begin with a capital letter:

The first word of every sentence, and the first word in every line of poetry :


I chatter, chatter as I flow

To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,

But I go on forever.

2. All proper names and all proper adjectives :

Germany and Austria declared war on several other European countries.

The Spanish Inquisition was one of the great events in history.

3. When a common noun is particularized by being joined to a proper name, both words are usually begun with a capital; as, the Ohio River, Atlantic Ocean, McLure Hotel.

4. All names and titles of the Deity and all nouns referring to holy things:

Our Father, who art in Heaven. O Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth.

5. The names of the days of the week and the months of the year. The names of the seasons are not capitalized unless personified :

The goods will go forward on Wednesday, October first. School will be closed on Labor Day,

6. The pronoun I and the interjection 0: O, that I were a glove upon that hand!

7. The principal words in titles of books, subjects and headings :

He has written a book under the title, "Accumulative Exercises in Typewriting.”

8. Nouns which are personified :
A youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown.
He gave to Misery all he had, a tear.

9. The words north, east, south, and west, only when used as the name of a section of country, or a people :

The North and the South are now united.
Ohio is east of Indiana.

10. The first word of a long quotation, or one formally introduced :

We wired you today as follows: "Ship Smith's order from Omaha. Wire when ready."

II. All titles of rank and office, when they are joined to names of persons; also when not so joined if they refer directly to persons :

I have just read President Wilson's ultimatum to Mexico.
A bill was introduced by Senator Watson.
Long live the King, say I; yet a king is only a man.


Names of all items in bills and orders:

I Chiffonier
2 Morris Chairs
I Lawn Mower
25 lbs. Sugar

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