The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, 第 5 卷

Archibald Constable, 1821
Contains the proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Wernerian Natural History Society (Edinburgh), etc.

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第8页 - The patience with which they submit to the cruel depredations of gang-robbers, and to trespass and mischief committed in the most outrageous manner by bands of ruffians, is one of the most remarkable, and at the same time one of the most discouraging symptoms which the state of society in India presents to us.
第229页 - The old birds soon afterwards made their appearance, approached the nest, and fed the family, without showing alarm. This being noticed, the nest was soon afterwards placed on a table in the middle of the apartment, and the window left open. The parent birds came boldly in, and fed their offspring as before. Still...
第408页 - ... cubic inches; and that correct standards of this imperial gallon, and of the bushel, peck, quart, and pint, derived from it...
第128页 - ii . p. 42, on the floor, with a large flat stone before him, and with a moveable flat stone-stand at his side. His fellow-workman stands beside him with a crucible filled with melted lead, and having poured a certain quantity .upon the stone, the other lifts the moveable stone, and...
第239页 - ... feet broad, with a handrail on one side, and planked in such a manner, that the traveller experiences all the tremulous motion of the chain, and sees himself suspended over a roaring gulph, on an agitated and restless gangway, to which few strangers dare trust themselves.
第303页 - ... very much resembling the milky-way in the heavens; the luminous appearance of the sea resembling the brighter stars in that constellation. It continued in this condition till past midnight, and disappeared only as day-light advanced. The whiteness prevented us from being able to see either the break or the swell of the sea, although both were considerable; as we knew from the motion of the ship and the noise. There was much light upon deck, as we could discern all the ropes much more distinctly...
第207页 - We have, for instance, often heard people distinctly conversing, in a common tone of voice, at the distance of a mile ; and to-day I heard a man singing to himself as he walked along the beach, at even a greater distance than this.
第191页 - When I sent for them into my cabin, they looked wild, spoke thick and indistinctly, and it was impossible to draw from them a rational answer to any of our questions. After being on board for a short time, the mental faculties appeared gradually to return with the returning circulation, and it was not till then that a looker-on could easily persuade himself that they had not been drinking too freely.
第303页 - J inch long, and of the same breadth as the others. These were seen to move in the same manner as a worm does in water. When taken up on the finger, they retained their shining faculty even when dry. When brought near to a candle, their light disappeared ; but, by minute attention, an extremely fine white filament could be observed, and lifted upon the point of a pin. It was of an uniform shining colour and form, and about the thickness of a spider's thread.