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第 142 頁 - ... barbarous struggle by the abolition of classes, the restoration of the land and of all the means of production, transportation and distribution to the people as a collective body, and the substitution of the Co-operative Commonwealth for the present state of planless production, industrial war and social disorder; a Commonwealth in which every worker shall have the free exercise and full benefit of his faculties, multiplied by all the modern factors of civilization.
第 59 頁 - Compulsory education. 2. The repeal of all conspiracy and penal laws affecting seamen and other workmen, incorporated in the federal and State laws of the United States. 3.
第 138 頁 - ... is matter of Federal jurisdiction. When organized, as they often are, to crush out all healthy competition and to monopolize the production or sale of an article of commerce and general necessity, they are dangerous conspiracies against the public good, and should be made the subject of prohibitory and even penal legislation.
第 29 頁 - We soon discovered as the business grew that the primary method of transporting oil in barrels could not last. The package often cost more than the contents and the forests of the country were not sufficient to supply the necessary material for an extended length of time.
第 151 頁 - ... class of wage workers, possessing no means of production. This economic supremacy has secured to the dominant class the full control of the government, the pulpit, the schools, and the public press...
第 109 頁 - There can be no doubt that an advocate of the unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1 is not a valuable president for an eastern college, which must in the nature of things depend upon the support of men who believe in the maintenance of the gold standard.
第 132 頁 - We declare again that all governments instituted among men derive their just powers from the consent of the governed; that any government not based upon the consent of the governed is a tyranny; and that to impose upon any people a government of force is to substitute the methods of imperialism for those of a republic.
第 151 頁 - The party affirms its steadfast purpose to use those powers, once achieved, to destroy wage slavery, abolish the institution of private property in the means of production and establish the Co-operative Commonwealth. In the United States, as in all other civilized countries, the natural order of economic development has separated society into two antagonistic classes — the capitalists, a comparatively small class, the possessors of all the modern means of production and distribution (land, mines,...
第 98 頁 - ... promiscuous mixing of all ages and sexes in a single room — thus breaking down the barriers of modesty and conducing to the corruption of the young, and occasionally to revolting crimes.
第 131 頁 - In asking the American people to indorse this Republican record and to renew their commission to the Republican party, we remind them of the. fact that the menace to their prosperity has always resided in Democratic principles, and no less in the general incapacity of the Democratic party to conduct public affairs. The prime essential...