Introducing Ken Wilber: Concepts for an Evolving World

AuthorHouse, 2005年5月17日 - 496 頁

Ken Wilbers revolutionary thinking is beginning to shift the orientation of Western culture. Wilber combines his knowledge as mystic, scientist, psychologist and philosopher to create comprehensive concepts for understanding our world and our place in it. This integral approach is much needed in a world torn by conflicts of religion, culture, and ideology.

Lew Howard says, I wrote this book to make the work of Ken Wilber accessible to the average person. Wilbers integral understanding (which is an interlocking whole) is broken down into concepts that can be individually understood. These understandings result in an integral conception of the Kosmos. Wilbers insights revolutionized my spiritual practiceand can do the same for you.


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關於作者 (2005)

Lew Howard is a retired nuclear reactor engineer. His engineering career included reactor operations, research and development, nuclear fuel contract management, and consulting regarding uncertainties in cost and schedule for construction of nuclear power plants. His expertise includes mathematical modeling of complex operations using probabilistic analysis. This career was Lew’s vehicle for developing advanced logical skills and the ability to teach complex concepts to the average person.

Lew’s lifelong study of spirituality and psychology led him eventually to a seven-year study of the work of Ken Wilber. He desires to make Wilber’s academic work understandable to the general public.

Lew lives in Albuquerque, NM, with his wife, Ti Howard, and their seven-year-old grandson.