Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

Longman, 1989 - 481 頁
In his book, Denys Hay analyses the structure of later medieval society in Europe, identifying its main groups and their political programmes, and examining their impact on the political, economic and social history of the major European states. Key themes explored in it also include the secular and religious roles of the Church; the early Renaissance in Italy and its influence beyond the Alps; and the cohesive effects of inter-European commerce. Professor Hay has revised his text throughout to take account of a whole generation of new scholarship since the original version appeared. There are many additions and expansions; the extensive bibliographies have been entirely reworked and updated; and the important chapter on the Central Monarchies (of Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Rumania and Lithuania) has been newly contributed by Professor J. M. Bak of the University of British Columbia at Vancouver.

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