Northwode priory, by the author of 'Everley'.


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第 271 頁 - How calm, how beautiful comes on The stilly hour, when storms are gone ; When warring winds have died away, And clouds, beneath the glancing ray, Melt off, and leave the land and sea Sleeping in bright tranquillity...
第 375 頁 - From darkness, here, and dreariness We ask not full repose, Only be Thou at hand, to bless Our trial hour of woes. Is not the pilgrim's toil o'erpaid By the clear rill and palmy shade ? And see we not, up Earth's dark glade, The gate of Heaven unclose ? 1 St.
第 379 頁 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me, Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
第 388 頁 - IVO AND VERENA, or the Snowdrop ; a Tale of the Early Christians. By the author of Cousin Rachel. 2s. ; stiff cover, Is. 6d. JACKSON.— Stories and Catechisings on the Collects. Edited by the Rev. W. Jackson, MA Vol. I., 4s.; Vol. II., 5s.; Vol.
第 387 頁 - HYMNAL NOTED, or Translations of the Ancient Hymns of the Church, set to their proper melodies. Edited by the Rev. JM Neale, MA, and the Rev. Thomas Helmore, MA Parts I.
第 110 頁 - Still, where rosy pleasure leads, See a kindred grief pursue; Behind the steps that misery treads Approaching comfort view: The hues of bliss more brightly glow, Chastised by sabler tints of woe; And blended form, with artful strife The strength and harmony of life.
第 241 頁 - You sought to prove how I could love, And my disdain is my reply. The lion on your old stone gates Is not more cold to you than I.
第 389 頁 - Luke Sharp, or Knowledge without Religion, by the Rev. FE Paget. 2s. 6d. Cheap Edition, is. 6d.