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soup, and fish? The object is defeated stead of seven kinds of wine and various The true purpose of these introductory brands of cigars, there will be at every trifles is to appease the appetite in a table its due proportion of ladies, the slight degree, so as to enable us to take ornaments of their own sex, the insustenance with composure and dignity, structors of ours, the boast and glory and dispose the company to conversa- of the future Press of America. tion. When a properly constituted per- Wine, ale, and liquors, administered son has eaten six oysters, a plate of strictly as medicine, — what of them ? soup, and the usual portion of fish, with Doctors differ on the subject, and known the proper quantity of potatoes and facts point to different conclusions. bread, he has taken as much sustenance Distinguished physicians in England as nature requires. All the rest of the are of the opinion that Prince Albert banquet is excess; and being excess, it would be alive at this moment if no is also mistake ; it is a diminution of wine had been given him during his the sum-total of pleasure which the re- last sickness; but there were formerly past was capable of affording. But those who thought that the Princess when Mr. Delmonico had brought us Charlotte would have been saved, if, at successfully so far on our way through the crisis of her malady, she could have his book ; when we had consumed our had the glass of port wine which she oysters, our cream of asparagus in the craved and asked for. The biographers Dumas style, our kettle-drums in the of William Pitt - Lord Macaulay among manner of Charles Dickens, and our them — tell us, that at fourteen that trout cooked so as to do honor to Queen precocious youth was tormented by inVictoria, we had only picked up a few herited gout, and that the doctors prepebbles on the shore of the banquet, scribed a hair of the same dog which while the great ocean of food still had bitten his ancestor from whom stretched out before us illimitable. The the gout was derived. The boy, we fillet of beef after the manner of Lucul- are told, used to consume two bottles lus, the stuffed lamb in the style of Sir of port a day; and, after keeping up Walter Scott, the cutlets à la Fenimore this regimen for several months, he Cooper, the historic pâtés, the sighs of recovered his health, and retained it Mantalini, and a dozen other efforts of until, at the age of forty-seven, the news Mr. Delmonico's genius, remained to be of Ulm and Austerlitz struck him morattempted.

tal blows. Professor James Miller, of No man would willingly eat or sit the University of Edinburgh, a decided through such a dinner without plenty of teetotaler, declares for wine in bad wine, which here plays its natural partcases of fever ; but Dr. R. T. Trall, --- supporting us in doing wrong. It is another teetotaler, says that during the wine which enables people to keep the last twenty years he has treated on eating for three hours, and to cram hundreds of cases of fevers on the coldthemselves with highly concentrated water system, and “not yet lost the food, without rolling on the floor in ag- first one”; although, during the first ony. It is the wine which puts it with ten years of his practice, when he gave in our power to consume, in digesting wine and other stimulants, he lost one dinner, the force that would suffice “about the usual proportion of cases.". for the digestion of three.

The truth appears to be that, in a few On that occasion Mr. Dickens was instances of intermittent disease, a invited to visit us every twenty-five small quantity of wine may sometimes years “ for the rest of his life," to see enable a patient who is at the low tide how we are getting on. The Coming of vitality to anticipate the turn of the Man may be a guest at the farewell ban- tide, and borrow at four o'clock enough quet which the Press will give to the of five o'clock's strength to enable him venerable author in 1893. That banquet to reach five o'clock. With regard to will consist of three courses; and, in this daily drinking of wine and whiskey, by ladies and others, for mere debility, usual. Fenimore Cooper wrote: “I it is a delusion. In such cases wine came to Europe under the impression is, in the most literal sense of the word, that there was more drunkenness among a mocker. It seems to nourish, but us than in any other country, - England, does not; it seems to warm, but does perhaps, excepted. A residence of six not; it seems to strengthen, but does months in Paris changed my views ennot. It is an arrant cheat, and perpet- tirely ; I have taken unbelievers with uates the evils it is supposed to alle- me into the streets, and have never viate.

failed to convince them of their mistake The Coming Man, as before remarked, in the course of an hour. .... On one will not drink wine when he is well. occasion a party of four went out with It will be also an article of his religion this object; we passed thirteen drunken not to commit any of those sins against men within a walk of an hour, many his body the consequences of which of them were so far gone as to be totalcan be postponed by drinking wine. ly unable to walk. .... In passing beHe will hold his body in veneration. tween Paris and London, I have been He will feel all the turpitude and shame more struck by drunkenness in the of violating it. He will not acquire the streets of the former than in those of greatest intellectual good by the small- the latter." Horatio Greenough gives est bodily loss. He will know that men- similar testimony respecting Italy: tal-acquisitions gained at the expense “Many of the more thinking and pruof physical power or prowess are not dent Italians abstain from the use of culture, but effeminacy. He will hon- wine ; several of the most eminent of or a rosy and stalwart ignoramus, who the medical men are notoriously opis also an honest man, faithfully stand- posed to its use, and declare it a poison. ing at his post; but he will start back One fifth, and sometimes one fourth, of with affright and indignation at the the earnings of the laborers are expendspectacle of a pallid philosopher. The ed in wine.” Coming Man, I am firmly persuaded, I have been surprised at the quantity, will not drink wine, nor any other stim- the emphasis, and the uniformity of the ulating fluid. If by chance he should testimony on this point. Close observbe sick, he will place himself in the ers of the famous beer countries, such hands of the Coming Doctor, and take as Saxony and Bavaria, where the beer whatever is prescribed. The impres- is pure and excellent, speak of this desion is strong upon my mind, after read- licious liquid as the chief enemy of the ing almost all there is in print on the nobler faculties and tastes of human subject, and conversing with many phy- nature. The surplus wealth, the sursicians, that the Coming Doctor will plus time, the surplus force of those give his patients alcoholic mixtures nations are chiefly expended in fuddling about as often as he will give them

the brain with beer. Now, no reader of laudanum, and in doses of about the this periodical needs to be informed same magnitude, reckoned by drops. that the progress of man, of nations,

We drinkers have been in the habit, and of men depends upon the use they for many years, of playing off the wine make of their little surplus. It is not a countries against the teetotalers ; but small matter, but a great and weighty even this argument fails us when we consideration, the cost of these drinks question the men who really know the in mere money. We drinkers must wine countries. Alcohol appears to be make out a very clear case in order to as pernicious to man in Italy, France, justify such a country as France in proand Southern Germany, where little is ducing a billion and a half of dollars' taken except in the form of wine, as it worth of wine and brandy per annum. is in Sweden, Scotland, Russia, Eng. The teetotalers, then, are right in land, and the United States, where their leading positions, and yet they more fiery and powerful dilutions are stand aghast, wondering at their failure

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to convince mankind. Mr. E. G. Dela- lions of adults in Great Britain and van writes from Paris within these few Ireland to produce more commodities weeks: “When I was here thirty than the whole population of the earth years since, Louis Philippe told me could produce without its assistance. that wine was the curse of France; Steam, plus the virgin soil of two new that he wished every grape-vine was continents, has placed the means of destroyed, except for the production of self-destruction within the reach of food; that total abstinence was the hundreds of millions of human beings only true temperance; but he did not whose ancestors were almost as safe believe there were fifteen persons in in their ignorance and poverty as the Paris who understood it as it was un beasts they attended. At the same derstood by his family and myself; time, the steam-engine is an infuriate but he hoped from the labors in Amer- propagator; and myriad creatures of its ica, in time, an influence would flow producing - creatures of eager desires, back upon France that would be bene- thin brains, excessive vanity, and small ficial. I am here again after the lapse self-control — seem formed to bend the of so many years, and, in place of wit- neck to the destructive tyranny of fashnessing any abatement of the evil, I ion, and yield helplessly to the more dethink it is on the increase, especially in structive tyranny of habit. The steamthe use of distilled spirits."

engine gives them a great variety of The teetotalers have always under the means of self-extirpation, - air-tight rated the difficulty of the task they have houses, labor-saving machines, luxuriundertaken, and misconceived its na- ous food, stimulating drinks, highly ture. It is not the great toe that most wrought novels, and many others. Let requires treatment when a man has the all women for the next century but gout, although it is the great toe that wear such restraining clothes as are makes him roar. When we look about now usual, and it is doubtful if the race us, and consider the present physical could ever recover from the effects ; it life of man, we are obliged to conclude is doubtful if there could ever again be that the whole head is sick and the a full-orbed, bouncing baby. Wherever whole heart is faint. Drinking is but we look, we see the human race dwina symptom which reveals the malady. dling. The English aristocracy used Perhaps, if we were all to stop our guz- to be thought an exception, but Miss zling suddenly, without discontinuing Nightingale says not. She tells us, that our other bad habits, we should rather the great houses of England, like the lose by it than gain. Alcohol supports small houses of America, contain greatus in doing wrong! It prevents our grandmothers possessing constitutions immediate destruction. The thing for without a flaw, grandmothers but slightus to do is, to strike at the causes of ly impaired, mothers who are often aildrinking, to cease the bad breathing, ing and never strong, daughters who the bad eating, the bad reading, the are miserable and hopeless invalids. bad feeling and bad thinking, which, in And the steam-engine has placed effia sense, necessitate bad drinking. For cient means of self-destruction within some of the teetotal organizations might reach of the kitchen, the stable, the be substituted Physical Welfare Socie- farm, and the shop; and those means ties.

of self-destruction are all but univerThe Human Race is now on trial for sally used. its life! One hundred and three years Perhaps man has nearly run his ago last April James Watt, a poor course in this world, and is about to Scotch mechanic, while taking his walk disappear, like the mammoth, and give on Sunday afternoon on Glasgow Green, place to some nobler kind of creature conceived the idea which has made who will manage the estate better than steam man's submissive and untiring the present occupant. Certainly we slave. Steam enables the fifteen mil- cannot boast of having done very well with it, nor could we complain if we But probably the instinct of self-presshould receive notice to leave. Per- ervation will assert itself in time, and haps James Watt came into the world an antidote to the steam-engine will be to extinguish his species. If so, it is found before it bas impaired the whole well. Let us go on, eating, drinking, race beyond recovery.

To have dissmoking, over-working, idling, men kill- covered the truth with regard to the ing themselves to buy clothes for their effects of alcohol upon the system was wives, wives killing themselves by of itself no slight triumph of the selfwearing them, children petted and can- preserving principle. It is probable died into imbecility and diphtheria. In that the truly helpful men of the next that case, of course, there will be no hundred years will occupy themselves Coming Man, and we need not take very much with the physical welfare of the trouble to inquire what he will the race, without which no other weldo.

fare is possible.


T was the boatman Ronsalee,

And he sailed through the mists so white;
And two little ladies sat at his knee,
With their two little heads so bright;
And so they sailed and sailed -- all three-
On the golden coast o' the night.

Young Ronsalee had a handsome face,
And his great beard made him brown ;
And the two little ladies in girlish grace
They kept their eyelids down,
The one in her silken veil of lace,
And the one in her woolsey gown.

For one little lady lived in the wood,
Like a flower that hides from the day;
Her name was Jenny, — they called her the good.
And the name o' the other was May ;
And her palace windows looked on the flood,
Where they softly sailed away.

Long time the balance even stood
With our Ronsalee that day;
But what was a little house in the wood
To a palace grand and gay ?
So he gave his heart to Jenny, the good,
And his hand he gave to May.


THERI "HERE was one woodcut in the pri- you a real dinner ches mine host Mr.

mary geography which alone was T., no less a man than the discoverer well worth the price of the book, and and owner of the celebrated “Blackthat was “Indians spearing Salmon.”. hawk," – and yet so little puffed up by There were other woodcuts of decided this distinction, that, with his proper merit; exempli gratia, the view of a hands, he will bring in the breaded pigs' “civilized and enlightened " nation, feet for which his house is noted. Also wherein a severely stiff gentleman is he has invented a safe, which, like the taking off his bell-crowned hat to a Union Deposit Vaults, is to be forced short-waisted lady in a coal-scuttle nec igne nec ferro; for, being asked bonnet. But " Indians spearing Sal- how he secured the Oleroso Sherry of mon was a great deal better. Two of the High Honorable, he replied that it them there were, with not much cloth- was in a place where no harm ever ing save a spear, wherewith they were could come to it, - to wit, under his threatening certain fishes that, like ani- bed. Is it not a pity he cannot serve a mated shoe-soles, were springing nimbly Salmon taken in its season, glittering, against a waterfall. An almost mythi- from Pawtucket Falls ? cal romance overspread the scene; for When the apple-trees of our thrifty Indians and Salmon are long since lost forefathers were bursting into blossom to us, and only a vanishing form of on the banks of the Merrimack, and the them still lingers in the half-breeds and land was furrowed for the corn and the the sea-trout of Marshpee, just as the pumpkins, and the pleasant river itself alligator now brings to mind the great was running swift and full, then the fossil saurians he so degenerately rep- great silver Salmon, fresh from the salt resents. Yet our woodcut is not at all water, would leap and tumble as they mythical, but really historical. Does drove up stream, bound for the cold not excellent Gookin inform us of the brooks of the Pemigewasset, or away notable "fishing - place" at Wamesit, beyond it to those of Franconia Notch. where Reverendus Eliot “spread the With them came great battalions of net of the Gospel” to fish for the souls Shad; and hosts of homely Alewives, of the poor Indian pagans ? Alas! all that forced themselves through every this is replaced by the High Honorable little rivulet as they crowded to their Locks and Canals Company, and the breeding-ponds. The Shad held soturbine and other not easily understood berly to the main stream till they came water-wheels, of Lowell. Not that we to the Winnipiseogee River, where have anything against the High Hon- they said au revoir to the Salmon, and orable, the only old-fashioned corpo- turned their heads toward the lake. ration we know of that invites off. That lake knows them no more, yet cial persons to dine, - a praiseworthy there is a fish therein that still is called custom, followed not even by the Mas- the Shad-waiter, who perhaps regards sachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Of- his friend as a sort of “ Malbrook," and fice; although some of the insurance who yearly repeats to himself, “ Il recompanies keep crackers, and others viendra au Pâque ou à la Trinité." ginger-nuts, whereby certain worthy old Yes! the two Indians of the woodcut gentlemen, who have not more than a have gone, and their Salmon have million, or, at the outside, a million and gone. We don't want the Indians back a half, make a clear daily saving (Sun- again, but we should like the Salmon ; days excepted) in the matter of lun. we should like to stand on the Dracut cheon. But the High Honorable gives shore, and hook a twenty-pound fish,

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