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and industry of the different towns in salvation among the myriads of that Britain can produce, calculated to far distant land. minister to the necessities, luxuries, and It is impossible, in taking ever so amusements of the inhabitants of a vast brief a retrospect of the departed year, empire, hitherto comparatively shut out not to refer to the unparalleled distress, from intercourse with the civilized -amounting, in multitudes of instances, world. The opening of the four ports to absolute starvation,—which is felt in is considered to be equal to the open- our large manufacturing districts, and ing of commercial relations with four is extending to the agricultural, which rich states, each as large as France, has so painfully marked the year that and densely populated."

is now closing upon us. If the field of missionary labour is Into the causes of this national the world,—and those parts, especially, calamity, for so we regard it, we do that stand most in need of the illumin- not here pretend to inquire. Human ating and purifying influence of the agencies have doubt produced gospel,-in what an awful and impres- much of it, and as far as the laws have sive manner has the great Head of the contributed to it, the law-makers are church, as the God of providence, and responsible, and will be made so in the the Redeemer of our race, awakened us day of righteous retribution. to a concern to adopt immediate and view it as the visitation of Heaven upon energetic measures for the work of a guilty nation, in which, through the evangelizing China ! These dark places suffering masses, God is calling to of the earth are now revealed to us in their rulers, both civil and ecclesiastiall their pagan degradation and misery; cal,—and especially to the Christian till the termination of the last sanguin- ministers and churches in our land-to ary massacre we had no access to them repent, and upon right principles and as a Government, and most haughtily in a right spirit, to commence the work refused all intercourse with them as a of national reformation.

The people people. They regarded us

would not be starving at this moment, temptible barbarians. They have been had Christianity been the personal made to quail before our power ; we concern of every one; had every family must now inspire them with respect for consisted of enlightened and Chrisour character, and irrigate their moral tian patriots. And whose fault is it desert with the waters of life. We that the population of Great Britain is deprecate, even with horror, mingling for the most part ignorant of its duties in these waters the poisonous drug, the to God, to itself, and to the state ? contraband introduction of which, in Nothing can save our institutions but spite of the laws of China, and the deter- imparting a good education--that is, mination of the executive authorities, an education of principles based on was one great cause of the war, which religion, to our people. Poor Burns was we trust has now terminated in peace, right, when, referring to such hearths and in the establishment of such a and homes as he had so felicitously friendly intercourse between the two depicted in his “Cotter's Saturday countries, as will confer all the benefits Night,” he addressed his native landof our higher civilization, and the bless- after praying that they might not suffer ed influences of our holy religion, upon from “luxury's contagion, weak and the millions with whom we have thus vile,"—with the exultation become commercially associated.

Then, howe'er crowns and coronets be rent, Bright will be the morning that A virtuous populace may rise the while, ushers in the new year, if China form

And stand a wall of fire around their much

loved isle." the subject of the prayers of all the Christians in the British empire, and if Those who wear crowns and corothe voice of Providence be responded nets should know that their best secuto by the sounding of the trumpet of rity, their only human safeguard, is a



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virtuous populace, that is, “a religious passed at a meeting of the Common people ;” and they should ponder well Council very recently held in this the question- Whether extreme desti- metropolis, at which the chief magistution, linked with enforced idleness, trate presided ; the first of which beaffecting large masses of the people, and gins thus: “ That the contimued and for a long time, has not a most demoraliz- increasing depression of the manufacing effect; and if not remedied, whe- turing, commercial, and agricultural ther there is any thing on earth so likely interests of this country, and the wideto loosen the bonds of the social state, spreading distress of the working classes, and to call forth the latent and despe- are most alarming.” To balance this, rate energies of a universal anarchy ? however, we are told by persons comFor ourselves, we cannot read, unap- petent to form a judgment on the subpalled, language like the following, ject, “that a general revival of trade is from those who only give utterance to now upon the eve of taking place." what they feel and know to be the Whether it be so or not, to thousands truth :

of our industrious, but unemployed “ When I look around on every side, labourers, Christmas has presented a I see nothing but ruin, misery, and bank- chilling hearth, and the new year opens ruptcy ; when I see bankruptcy, or the upon them without the salutation of fear of it, stalking through your ware- any cheering welcome, or animating houses; and famine, or the dread of prospects. Have Christian churches famine, invading the hearts and cot- and Christian ministers, as such, no tages of the poor ; when I see indus- duties to perform, onerous and most try standing idle all the day in our imperative, arising out of this condition market-places for want of employment; of the British people ? Whatever piety clothed in rags, stout hearts these duties may be, the time is urgent; wailing, and manly brows weighed down and we say to each and to every one by a fearful cloud of care ; when I see of the great Christian communities places of scientific instruction thrown among us, and the individuals of which into a state of bankruptcy ; when they are composed, however denomiI see every place of amusement shut, nationally distinguished, “Whatsoever and scientific specimens sold ; when I thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy see people driven from their recreations might.” The remedy must be soon to their destitute homes, to brood upon applied, or the ruin is inevitable. But nothing but famine, and care, and ter- the Lord reigneth, and to Hiin should ror, and distress". we cannot tran- earnest and importunate prayer be scribe any more. This is no exaggerated offered, as one of the most effectual picture, and it belongs to the history means of restoring our national prosof England in the year of grace, 1842. perity ; and as a pledge to our country, But to us, the most affecting part of the that, by discharging this duty, we are scene is, the wonderful patience with ready, as men and Christians, to perform which the perishing multitudes have borne their intense sufferings. Even The state of religion in the past when under excitement, and urged year, as it regards systematic and wideforward by their misguided and self- spreading efforts to propagate the most constituted leaders, they discovered no pestilential heresies, and to establish ferocity, breathed no revenge ; and a priestly domination, subversive of rehow soon was the fearful front of rebel- ligious freedom and fatal to the civil lion turned back, to bear in silent en- rights of Protestants and the real friends durance what could not be remedied' of the Reformation, is, perhaps, the by the madness of physical resistance ! worst symptom of the times. Puseyism

That this most appalling state of is the type which the antichrist of things has increased rather than avated, England has assuined for the purpose is to be inferred from the resolutions of banishing from the pulpits of the

every other.

Established Church the precious doc- no, all things considered, we have great trines of the gospel, and for marshall- reason to thank God and take courage. ing and calling into mischievous ac- The “ Evangelical Magazine” has entivity a crusade of the priests and laitytered upon its jubilee, and its conof the aristocracy to crush all those ductors have to recount forty-nine who, not being within the pale of that years, during which, brotherly love, Church, maintain these doctrines, and Christian benevolence, and genuine are resolved to stand fast in the liberty piety, have marked its progress. The wherewith Christ hath made them free. last year has been among its most The promoters of evangelical piety have successful. That our Magazine has less to apprehend from the Papacy of contributed its full share in producRome than from the Puseyism of Eng ing that salutary change in our peland: subtle and zealous as the mission- riodical literature, which is univeraries of Catholicism are at this moment, sally felt and acknowledged, we may and spreading, as they do, through the fairly assume. What conspicuous error length and breadth of the land, we in religion and morals ; what prevalent fear less injury to the souls of men impiety, in the forın of heresy or infrom their success, than from the ef- tolerance, has ever sprung up amongst fective labours of the Oxford Tract- us, that we have not refuted and rearians and their disciples. The epis- buked ? We were among the first to copal charges recently put forth, and rekindle the missionary spirit, which the aggressive action given to the ma- had been so long extinct in the British chinery of the hierarchy, wherever it churches. Our original supporters, can be brought to bear against Divine whose steady patronage and active truth and human liberty, are fearful in- services their successors acknowledge, dications that some mighty collision is with reverence and gratitude, were the at hand. It is high time that the founders of the London Missionary Sotruly Protestant portions of the com- ciety :-our fathers,—our tutors,-our munity, whatever different views they friends ;- we number it among the may entertain on mere ecclesiastical purest and most privileged of our enpoints, should fraternise and have some joyments, to have had the honour and visible bond of union,—some standard happiness of standing in such a relawhich may attract them all as to a

tion to such men, common centre. That a movement But the close of one year reminds towards an object so desirable should us of the commencement of another. have been publicly made, is one of the The point of separation between the favourable signs which has, in some two ought to awaken in our hearts a measure, relieved the gloom of the solemn interest. The present, past, setting year. We regard it as a gleam

and the immediate future, press upon of sunshine amid the threatening dark- us relative duties and obligations which ness; not the lurid light that tells of we cannot innocently neglect or disredestruction, but, we trust, the day gard. spring from on high to visit us, the har- To some of our readers, another binger of better times. The evangelical year is not only past, but lost. All churches of the land ; Congregational the years they have spent have been the Unions and Associations ; institutions years of a vain life. The one that is of mercy; hospitals for the heart ; now closed has added its guilt to all Christian Instruction, Missionary, and the preceding. This ought to be an Hoine Missionary societies,-as a con- awakening consideration.

Whatever stellation, each star of which the Re- your age may be, you belong not to deemer holds in his hand, have shone the household of faith ; you are not during the past year with more than in the family of God; you are not in their wonted brightness, and encourage his house as children, nor in his vinethe hope that a country so highly fa- yard as labourers. As yet you have voured will not be suddenly abandoned; done nothing for God; nor are you

prepared to meet him as your Almighty if need be, to prove that, instead of Friend or Foe. Will you dare to ven- that ceaseless jealousy and disquietude ture upon another year, every succeed. which are ever keeping alive the flame ing moment of which involves a deeper of hostility among the nations, each responsibility than the last, without may wait in prepared security till the once pondering the path of your feet, first footstep of the invader shall be and asking whither this rapid march the signal for the display of its passive of time is carrying you ? Last year virtues, more powerful than the might you made an ample stride to the tomb; of armies, because it has Omnipotence another, and your feet may stumble for it defence. upon the dark mountains, and your soul The present state of the country be engulfed in the everlasting abyss. and of the world, and more particularly Hear the voice of the departed year, of this country and China, in relation " It is high time to awake out of sleep." to each other, renders this the precise

But the readers to whom we would period when the British churches, and especially address our admonitions are especially the wealthy individuals among those who feel their obligations as them, ought to make unexampled efChristians, but who are unmindful of forts, accompanied with corresponding the wide sphere of duty in which sacrifices. their connexion with their country, The distresses of the large masses of the church, and the world, has placed our industrious population must be rethem. It is incumbent upon the Chris- lieved, and Christians must not stand tian, above all other men, to act the by and let others do it. The nation citizen. To the hands of Christian must be taught, and such instruction patriots, God has intrusted the pros- must be imparted to it as shall counperity of their country; not as party teract the further working of the acpoliticians, or as inconsistent religion- cursed leaven of a spurious Popery, ists, who depress one class of duties that threatens the destruction of the by giving an undue preponderance to state and the ruin of the people; which another class ; but as men of God already aspires to domineer over the who, possessing influence, are bound


while, by a thousand treacherous to consecrate every atom of that in- arts, it labours to mislead and infatuate fluence in every way in which it can the other. We have done our part be employed to his glory, by advancing hitherto, and, with the blessing of God, the interests of society.

we shall continue at our post. But it Surely he does not merge the Chris- is China that, with her myriads of tian in the citizen, who lifts up his voices, is calling to us, in the language voice against the spirit, the system, of the man of Macedonia to Paul, and the practice of war.

saying, “ Come over and help us," that It is high time, and the history of has a claim upon our deepest Christian the past year impressively proves it, sympathies ; and demands, that while for British Christians to teach the na- commerce freights her ships, spreads tions, and their own nation in particu- her sails, embarks her capital, and conlar, to learn the art of war no more. centrates all her energies to augment There is no subject of more awful the wealth and extend the honour of magnitude, and on the right practical Britain,—the friends of Christian misunderstanding of which the world's sions, in their mighty enterprise to evangelization and happiness so much evangelise that immense section of the depend. Yes! it is for us to teach human race, should as far exceed the mankind a truer and more magnani- efforts of commerce to secure its obmous path to national glory than any jects, as the interests of eternity excountry of the world has yet walked in ; ceed the interests of time, and as the to show how the Christian ethics of prosperity of Christ's kingdom ought to a nation is at one with the Christian be infinitely dearer to their hearts than ethics of its humblest individuals ; and, the glory of any earthly empire.

« How

Oh, yes ;

“ How

TRIUMPH OVER DEATH. Four years ago I entered a gentle. have you not ?"

“ Oh, yes !" man's family as tutor. Of my pupils was it you really came ?" " Oh, he when I left, a year ago, the youngest brought me!" At another time one of alone seemed uninterested in divine his brothers asked what he would say things. But in his case Christ's words to the Sabbath scholars, when he next have been fulfilled, “ The last shall be met with them. “ Tell them,” said he, first." So interesting did his expe- “ I hope they will attend to the instrucrience appear, and so apparent was a tions they receive, and to all that is change of heart in him, before he left said to them.” “ And must I tell them this present evil world, that I have to come to Christ now?" thought a short narrative of his case tell them to come now ; for now is the cannot fail of proving beneficial to accepted time, now is the day of salvamany who may read it.

tion.” He then added, “ If Jesus Christ Last winter, he was seized with had not first loved us, we could never measles. The disease could not be have loved him." subdued, and the consequence was Even on a bed of acute pain and congestion of the lungs. He lingered sufferings he could rejoice with a joy a few months, and during that time he unspeakable, and full of glory; and often suffered extreme pain. Towards there too he found, that no bodily disthe beginning of his illness he became ease can destroy the blessedness of the deeply anxious about his state before man whose transgression is forgiven, God." Oh, I cannot sleep,” said he, and whose sin is covered. on one occasion, when advised to com- happy," said he, on one occasion, “ is pose himself to get a little sleep. “I the believer in Jesus ! None else can cannot sleep till I get this load of sin be happy ; those who do not believe off!" At length he found Christ, and in Jesus are miserable." And after a in him every blessing. After this his pause, as if he had been thinking on joy was almost uninterrupted. He was their awful delusion, “ They must be asked one Sabbath morning if his mind mad, they are really mad !" was comfortable. “ Oh, yes,” said he, fidence in the faithfulness of Jesus was “ peace! peace !” “ But what is it that

very strong. “ How kind Jesus is ! gives you such peace ?"

If you want any thing, you have only with God through Jesus Christ.” That to ask him for it, and he will give it, if the love of God was shed abroad in his it is good for you. When I think of heart by the Holy Spirit, appeared evi- this I cannot help laughing; it makes dent from his anxiety that others should me so happy I don't know what to come to Christ.

One night he was do !" One night he was overheard overheard earnestly beseeching some laughing, and when asked, what was one to come to Christ. “ Oh !” said the cause, he said, “ Oh, I am so happy, he, “ if you will only come to Christ, I could not help laughing !”

“ What you will find that he will not cast you makes you so happy just now ?”

It out. Just come to him as you are, is resting on Christ—resting on Christ!" with all your sins.” Being asked if he At one time observing his papa weephad any message to the Sabbath-school, ing, he said, “ Oh, don't cry, papa, I he paused a little. “ Is it time enough

am quite happy!

I shall be for ever for them,” said his papa, " to seek with Jesus in glory. I know I shall, he Christ?" " Oh, no!” said he,

told me so ; and are you sorry for that, them to seek him now, now. With all

Oh, no," said he,“ my tears my heart I say to them, come to Christ are tears of joy, not of sorrow.” Well, now. I once pretended to come to then,” said he,“ remember whenever Christ, but I did not really come.” you see a tear in my eye, it is a tear “ Well, Peter, but you have come now,

of joy."

His con

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It is peace

o tell

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papa ?"

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