Re-dedication of the Old State House, Boston, July 11, 1882

order of the City Council, 1883 - 179 頁

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第 82 頁 - Eight and twenty counsellors must be painted, all seated at the council board. Let me see — what costume? What was the fashion of that day in the month of March? Large white wigs, English scarlet cloth cloaks, some of them with gold-laced hats, not on their heads, indeed, in so august a presence, but on the table before them, or under the table beneath them.
第 167 頁 - Towne, also in the same building or the like there may be a convenient roome for a Library & a gallery or some other handsome roome for the Elders to meete in...
第 148 頁 - ... spacious and most beautiful Town Hall over it, and several other convenient rooms which may prove very beneficial to the town for offices, or otherwise ; and the said building being now finished. has delivered possession thereof to the Selectmen, for the use of the town. It is, therefore, " Voted, that the town do with the utmost gratitude, receive and accept this most generous and noble benefaction, for the uses and intentions they are designed for; and do appoint the Hon.
第 70 頁 - One circumstance more. Samuel Quincy and John Adams had been admitted barristers at that term. John was the youngest ; he should be painted looking like a short, thick archbishop of Canterbury, seated at the table with a pen in his hand, lost in admiration, now and then minuting those poor notes which your pupil, Judge Minot, has printed in his history, with some interpolations.
第 70 頁 - Then and there was the first scene of the first act of opposition to the arbitrary claims of Great Britain. Then and there the child Independence was born.
第 68 頁 - Hutchinson at their head, as Chief Justice, all arrayed in their new, fresh, rich robes of scarlet English broadcloth; in their large cambric bands and immense judicial wigs.
第 72 頁 - That all Acts made, by any Power whatever, other than the General Assembly of this Province, imposing Taxes on the Inhabitants, are Infringements of our inherent and unalienable Rights as Men and British subjects: and render void the most valuable Declarations of our Charter.
第 148 頁 - The lower story of the centre is improved by the Register of Deeds, and Clerk of the CCP — the second story by the County Courts, and the upper by the Common Council of the city. The Mayor and Aldermen's room is in the upper story of the western wing ; under that are the offices of the Auditor and City Marshal, and on the lower floor the Probate Office. In the eastern wing are the offices of the Clerk of the SJ Court, rooms for the judges and for the juries, and one occupied by the Law Library.
第 36 頁 - Sir William arrives in the Nonsuch Frigat: Candles are lighted before He gets into Townhouse. Eight Companies wait on Him to his house, and then on Mr. [Increase] Mather to his. Made no volleys because 'twas Satterday night.
第 148 頁 - Esq. has, in pursuance thereof, at a very great expense, erected a noble structure, far exceeding his first proposal, inasmuch as it contains not only a large and sufficient accommodation for a Market place, but has also superadded, a spacious and most beautiful Town Hall, over it, and several other convenient rooms, which may prove very beneficial to the town, for offices, or otherwise.