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Pollyanna (1913) by Eleanor H. Porter - In this children's classic, Pollyanna Whittier lives in Vermont with wealthy Aunt Polly and has a philosophy of life called "The Glad Game". She tries to find something to be grateful about in every circumstance. But are those around her ready to embrace Little Miss Sunshine? And what about Pollyanna herself when tragedy strikes? American author Eleanor H. Porter has written what is considered to be a classic of children's literature. The book's success led to Porter soon writing a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up (1915) and 11 Pollyanna sequels. The word Pollyanna has become a byword for someone with an optimistic outlook. The book has been adapted for several films including Disney's 1960 version, in which actress Hayley Mills won an Oscar.

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American novelist Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter (1868 -1920) was born in Littleton, New Hampshire and trained as a singer. She attended the New England Conservatory before marrying John Lyman Porter. They relocated to Massachusetts and she began writing and publishing short stories and novels. Porter wrote children's literature, adventure and romance. Her most famous novel is Pollyanna (1913), followed by a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up (1915). Her adult novels include The Turn of the Tide (1908), The Road to Understanding (1917), Oh Money! Money! (1918), Dawn (1919), Keith's Dark Tower (1919), Mary Marie (1920), and Sister Sue (1921). Porter achieved commercial success and ranked eighth among best-selling novels in the US during 1913. She died in Cambridge, Massachusetts.