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Editura librărieĭ Socecŭ & comp., 1891 - 247页


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第66页 - O these are hard questions for my shallow witt, Nor I cannot answer your grace as yet: But if you will give me but three weekes space, He do my endeavour to answer your grace."
第68页 - And then your grace need not make any doubt But in twenty-four hours you'll ride it about. The king he laughed, and swore by St. Jone, I did not think it could be gone so soone! —Now from the third question thou must not shrinke, But tell me here truly what I do thinke.
第65页 - For except thou canst answer me questions three, Thy head shall be smitten from thy bodie. And first, quo...
第67页 - I must give, That I have but three days more to live; For if I do not answer him questions three My head will be smitten from my bodie.
第66页 - Now three weeks space to thee will I give, And that is the longest time thou hast to live ; For if thou dost not answer my questions three, Thy lands and thy livings are forfeit to mee.
第76页 - Schnell wuchsen bei herzlichem Zagen und Pochen die Stunden zu Tagen, die Tage zu Wochen, die Wochen zu Monden; schon kam der Termin! Ihm ward's vor den Augen bald gelb und bald grün. Nun sucht er, ein bleicher, hohlwangiger Werther, in Wäldern und Feldern die einsamsten örter.
第67页 - Nay, frown not, if it hath been told unto me I am like your lordship as ever may be ; And if you will but lend me your gown There is none shall know us in fair London town.
第68页 - For thirty pence our Saviour was sold Among the false Jews, as I have been told : And twenty-nine is the worth of thee, For I think thou art one penny worser (than he.
第67页 - ... to tell him, without any doubt, How soon he may ride this whole world about; And at the third question I must not shrink, But tell him there truly what he does think.