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第 285 頁 - Philological Proofs of the Original Unity and Recent Origin of the Human Race, derived from a Comparison of the Languages of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 8vo, cloth. 6s (original price 12s 6d) Printed at the suggestion of Dr. Prichard, to whose works it will be found a useful supplement. JONES' (Morris Charles) Valle Crucis Abbey, its Origin and Fountion Charter.
第 469 頁 - Doctrine of the Greek Article applied to the Criticism and Illustration of the New Testament.
第 386 頁 - An historical Account of Church- Government as it was in Great Britain and Ireland, when they first received the Christian religion,
第 399 頁 - Lettres Physiques et Morales sur l'Histoire de la Terre et de l'Homme, adressées à la Reine de la Grande Bretagne.
第 487 頁 - Mémoire à consulter sur un système religieux et politique, tendant à renverser la religion, . la société et le trône.
第 521 頁 - HISTORIC certainties respecting the early history of America, developed in a critical examination of the book of the chronicles of the land of Ecnarf. By Rev.
第 380 頁 - The Grounds, on which the Church of England separated from the Church of Rome...
第 313 頁 - Latin and English metre, after the manner of Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, John Burton, and others. To which is added a Dissertation on the Burtonic style. By a Master of Arts.
第 346 頁 - A Letter written in the year 1730, concerning the question, Whether the Logos supplied the place of a Human Soul in the person of Jesus Christ?
第 306 頁 - A Chronicle of the First Thirteen Years of the reign of Edward IV., by John Warkworth, DD Edited by JO Halliwell. 11. Kemp's Nine Daies Wonder, performed in a Daunce from London to Norwich.