Mr. Serjeant Stephen's New Commentaries on the Laws of England: Partly Founded on Blackstone, 第 4 卷


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第 98 頁 - And with us in England, it is enacted by 24 & 25 Viet. c. 100, that whosoever, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife, (whether the second marriage shall have taken place in England, Ireland or elsewhere,) shall be guilty of felony
第 129 頁 - of which we shall presently have occasion to speak more at large (#). [Open and violent larceny from the person, or robbery, the rapine of the civilians, is the unlawful and forcible taking from the person of another, of goods or money to any value, by violence or putting him in fear(y). 1. There must be
第 176 頁 - 3. The third species of high treason is, " If a man do '' levy war against our lord the king in his realm.'' And this may be done by taking arms, not only to dethrone the king, but under pretence to reform religion, or the
第 152 頁 - There is also an enactment that if, upon the trial of any person indicted for such a misdemeanor, it shall be proved that he obtained the property in question in any such manner as to amount in law to the felonious offence of larceny, he shall not by reason thereof be entitled to be acquitted on such indictment
第 142 頁 - and he may be indicted and convicted either as an accessory after the fact, or for a substantive felony, and that whether the principal felon shall or shall not have been previously convicted, or shall or shall not be amenable to j ustice ; and,
第 352 頁 - shall take, in the presence of the accused—who shall be at liberty to put questions to any witness produced against him by way of crossexamination (d),—the statement on oath or affirmation of those who know the facts of the case, and shall put the same into writing (c):—that the room in which such (a) See Wright
第 209 頁 - 2. That any person, who, with intent to conceal her Majesty's property in such stores, shall take out, destroy or obliterate any such mark,—shall be guilty of felony, and liable to penal servitude for any term not exceeding seven years, or to imprisonment for not more than two years, with or without hard labour
第 51 頁 - defendendo, upon a sudden affray. Homicide per infortunium, is where a man, doing a lawful act without any intention of hurt, unfortunately kills another, as where a man is at work with a hatchet, and the head thereof flies off and kills a stander-by; or where a person is shooting at a mark, and undesignedly
第 359 頁 - either by presentment of a grand jury, or by indictment by them found, or by information. I. A presentment, properly speaking, is the notice taken by a grand jury, of any matter or offence from their own knowledge or observation, without any bill of indictment laid before them at the suit of the Crown