~Prophecy~ Destiny of America!

AuthorHouse, 2004
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" Prophecy Destiny of America / Destiny of the World" Is truly a unique book. It is a book written to be understood by both the novice and the veteran to Christianity and Bible Prophecy. It will show the reader clearly the big picture of Gods purposes and plans for all mankind. Plans that God had seen its full fruition of even before the foundation of the world, to the end of mortal mans existence, and on into the eternal beings we were created to be. The reader will see life is much more than it does appear. It is a book that will be as horrifying to some as it will be glorious to others, but the readers will know they have read the truth of all. It is a book upon reading you will know, that you know, that you know, and I assure you, you will want to tell all your loved ones about. It is certainly a book that all should have on their reading list. "The prophetic words will be sealed up till the "Time of the End." At that time the wicked shall not understand, but the wise will understand." (Dan.12:8-10) This is that time!

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