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第 178 頁 - So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading.
第 31 頁 - The old order changeth, yielding place to new, And God fulfils himself in many ways, Lest one good custom should corrupt the world Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me?
第 51 頁 - A man of a polite imagination is let into a great many pleasures that the vulgar are not capable of receiving. He can converse with a picture and find an agreeable companion in a statue.
第 7 頁 - Thy tacklings are loosed ; they could not well strengthen their mast, they could not spread the sail : then is the prey of a great spoil divided ; the lame take the prey.
第 31 頁 - Then from the dawn it seem'd there came, but faint As from beyond the limit of the world, Like the last echo born of a great cry, Sounds, as if some fair city were one voice Around a king returning from his wars.
第 2 頁 - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors, and shall perform the duties usually devolving upon a presiding officer. In his absence, the First Vice-President in...
第 3 頁 - AMENDMENTS. — This Constitution may be altered or amended at a regular meeting by the unanimous vote of the members present, or by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the alteration or amendment has been substantially proposed in writing at a previous meeting.
第 3 頁 - Publication shall be appointed, which shall consist of the Secretary of the Association for the previous year, and one member from each department. ARTICLE VI. — BY-LAWS. — By-Laws, not inconsistent with this Constitution, may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Association.
第 58 頁 - Committee, that it is the duty of this country to promote the interest and happiness of the native inhabitants of the British dominions in India, and that such measures ought ' to be adopted, as may tend to the introduction among them of ' useful knowledge, and of religious and moral improvement.
第 1 頁 - To elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching, and to promote the cause of popular education in the United States.