The John Watts de Peyster Publication Fund Series, 第 53 卷


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第 317 頁 - Council, you are to transmit unto us by one of our Principal Secretaries of State, and to our Commissioners for Trade and Plantations...
第 410 頁 - EB, of, in, to, or out of the said several parcels or tracts of land, hereditaments and premises, or any of them, or any part, or parcel thereof. To HAVE AND TO HOLD the said...
第 454 頁 - That after the first three years, when the proportion of money arising out of each Colony to the general treasury can be known, the number of members to be chosen for each Colony shall, from time to time, in all ensuing elections, be regulated by that proportion, yet so as that the number to be chosen by any one Province be not more than seven nor less than two.
第 456 頁 - But the Approbation of the Grand Council, is to be Obtained before they receive their Commissions, And all Civil Officers are to be Nominated, by the Grand Council, and to receive the...
第 186 頁 - Town, unto the three and fortieth degree of northern latitude, if the said river doth extend so far northward; but if the said river shall not extend so far northward, then by the said river so far as it doth extend; and from the head of the said river, the eastern bounds...
第 456 頁 - That the laws made by them for the purposes aforesaid shall not be repugnant, but, as near as may be, agreeable to the laws of England, and shall be transmitted to the king in council for approbation as soon as may be after their passing ; and if not disapproved within three years after presentation, to remain in force.
第 79 頁 - I am in a fair way of having no other tasks, than such as I shall like to give myself, and of enjoying what I look upon as a great happiness, leisure to read, study, make experiments, and converse at large with such ingenious and worthy men, as are pleased to honor me with their friendship or acquaintance, on such points as may produce something for the common benefit of mankind, uninterrupted by the little cares and fatigues of business.
第 454 頁 - That there shall be a new election of the members of the grand council every three years, and on the death or resignation of any member, his place shall be supplied by a new choice at the next sitting of the assembly of the colony he represented.
第 453 頁 - Parliament of Great Britain, by virtue of which, one General Government may be formed in America, including all the said Colonies, within, and under which Government each Colony may retain its present constitution, except in the particulars wherein a charge ( change ) may be directed by the said Act, as hereafter follows.
第 455 頁 - That for these purposes they have power to make laws, and lay and levy such general duties, imposts, or taxes, as to them shall appear most equal and just (considering the ability and other circumstances of the inhabitants in the several colonies,) and such as may be collected with the least inconvenience to the people; rather discouraging luxury, than loading industry with unnecessary burthens...