Hsiang-kang Ho Chʻü Ho Tsʻung: Yü Chung-kuo Ju Ying Sui Hsing Yü, i Wei Chʻi Shan Chʻu Yüan Chien Chih Shu Kuang

Albert H. Yee
University Press of America, 1999 - 336 頁
Whither Hong Kong? relates the rich history of the former British colony from 1841 to 1999, and discusses its prospects. This book brings together seven leaders in their fields who have intimate, unique knowledge of Hong Kong. They follow the territory after it became a British colony after the first Opium War (1840-1842), Japan's World War II attack and occupation, economic development, democracy movements, the psychology of the Chinese, and more. This book reviews and analyzes British rule and colonialism, Sino-British relations, American involvement, the HK people and their interface with Westerners, as well as their drive to achieve and maintain their traditions. It includes assessments for Hong Kong's continued growth and prosperity, autonomy, democracy, and autocracy. Many themes are stressed, including autocracy and humanism in China and Hong Kong's history, and the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people. Singapore and Macau are compared to Hong Kong.


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Overview Albert H
One Model of the Chinese SteppingStone Syndrome
Hong Kongs Military History

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關於作者 (1999)

Albert H. Yee is a Distinguished Professor and Academic Dean who has worked at universities in the United States and East Asia.