The 13th District: A Story of a Candidate

Bowen-Merrill Company, 1902 - 490 頁

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第 450 頁 - And, reassembling our afflicted Powers, Consult how we may henceforth most offend Our Enemy ; our own loss how repair ; How overcome this dire calamity ; What reinforcement we may gain from hope ; If not, what resolution from despair.
第 471 頁 - Life's night begins : let him never come back to us ! There would be doubt, hesitation and pain, Forced praise on our part — the glimmer of twilight, Never glad confident morning again...
第 359 頁 - Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood Stand dressed in living green ; So to the Jews old Canaan stood, While Jordan rolled...
第 277 頁 - ... the table carried with it the subject-matter of the original motion. The CHAIR. The convention has adopted no rules, and therefore must make its own rules as it goes along. The Chair therefore decides that the motion to lay upon the table only carried with it the motion of the gentleman from Arkansas to lay upon the table. The question therefore recurs upon the motion of the gentleman from Pennsylvania, to adopt the report of the Committee. The question being put, the report of the committee...
第 268 頁 - The ayes seem to have it, the ayes have it, and the original resolution is adopted.
第 490 頁 - ... hugged his little body to her breast. The baby had gone to sleep, too tired to await her mother's coming. The grandmother was cooking supper amidst the disorder of the furniture and the boxes that had been crowded into the kitchen. As Emily held her boy to her breast, she felt the tears welling to her eyes, but she told herself that this was not the time for tears, for here began that new unselfish life in which she hoped at some far off distant day to find the peace and the happiness of which...
第 161 頁 - Whitlock described a political parade of the time— "the smell of saltpeter, the snorts of horses, the shouts of men, the red and white ripple of the flags that went careering by in smoke and flame"— and found in this "some strange suggestion of the war our political contests typify, in spirit and symbol at least.
第 35 頁 - In his young dream of a career, in that enthusiasm for humanity which springs in most men of the liberal professions with the shock of their first impact with a hard, material age, and develops until the age taints them with its sordidness, Garwood had enlisted in the worldold fight for equality and democracy.
第 251 頁 - She remembered his strong face ; a face wondrous in its sympathy, wondrous in its kindness, wondrous in its sadness. It seemed to reflect not only all the sorrow he had seen, but all the sorrow he had perceived in his deep, penetrating knowledge of life.
第 485 頁 - There was the solution to her riddle of life ! And this, this was the auspicious, the psychological moment, come at last! She waited in agony for him to speak, she leaned forward expectantly, and he half turned his head. Her eyes widened, almost flamed forth, as she felt, to meet his...