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第 221 頁 - The records of the last annual meeting were read and approved. The annual report of the Librarian and Cabinet Keeper, Mr.
第 72 頁 - Adams, to the state Convention which considered the adoption of the national constitution. In 1789, he was appointed, by Washington, the first United States' attorney for the district of Massachusetts, and, in 1796, one of the commissioners, under the fourth article of Jay's treaty, to settle our claims for spoliations. He remained abroad in the public service for about eight years, and, on his return, was welcomed home with the strongest marks of public favor.
第 177 頁 - ... eight English settlements, at all of which he was received with a cordiality all the more extraordinary since it was little expected. The Savage, his guide, seeing himself on the shores of the sea of Acadia in his little bark canoe, conducted the Father even to Pentagouet, where he found a little home of Capuchin Fathers, who embraced him with the love and charity which may be expected of their goodness.9 The Reverend Father Ignace of Paris, their Superior, [180] gave him all possible welcome....
第 20 頁 - Leases, and other Instruments. The whole of which are calculated for the use of the citizens of the United States and conformable to law.
第 32 頁 - Thus shall we pass away, in the day of our fall. Then let us be renowned when we may ; and leave our fame behind us, like the last beams of the sun, when he hides his red head in the west.
第 337 頁 - Content with science in the vale of peace. Calmly he look'd on either life, and here Saw nothing to regret, or there to fear; From nature's temperate feast rose satisfied, Thank'd Heaven that he had lived, and that he died.
第 132 頁 - Tell them that wherever there is a new Settlement, I shall always order a Fort, if I think it proper, and that it is for the security of them and us, and so do the French. Are any People under the same Government afraid of being made too Strong to keep out Enemies?
第 92 頁 - But they were at no loss how to adjust their machinery for taking him along : " for," said they, " you must come, because Asticou, our sagamore, is sick unto death. If you do not come he will die without baptism, and will not go to heaven. You will be the cause of it ; for he is heartily desirous to be baptized.
第 74 頁 - He was bald on the whole upper surface of his head, at an unusually early period. His hair was tied behind, and dressed with powder. His face was round and florid, his eyes black ; his manners courteous and amiable. His eloquence was dignified and impressive, and in all his relations and deportment, he had the bearing and polish of a well-bred gentleman.
第 350 頁 - ... one called Mugg, was the leader of the Indians, one that had from a child been well acquainted with the English, and had lived some years in English families, who though a.