A History of Egypt Under the Pharaohs: Derived Entirely from the Monuments, 第 1 卷

J. Murray, 1879

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第 137 頁 - I never afflicted the child of the poor ; I have not illtreated the widow. I never disturbed any owner of land ; I never drove away the herdsman.
第 93 頁 - If thou art become great, after thou hast been humble, and if thoa hast amassed riches after poverty, being because of that the flrst in thy town ; if thou art known for thy wealth and art become a great lord, let not thy heart become proud because of thy riches, for it is God who is the author of them.
第 72 頁 - ... and finished interior formed the king's eternal dwelling, with his stone sarcophagus lying on the rocky floor. Let us suppose that this first building was finished while the Pharaoh still lived in the bright sunlight. A second covering was added, stone by stone, on the outside of the kernel ; a third to this second, and to this even a fourth ; and the mass of the giant building grew greater the longer the king enjoyed existence. And then, at last, when it became almost impossible to extend the...
第 228 頁 - Subsequently, also, they chose a king out of their own body, Salatis by name. He established himself at Memphis, took tribute from the Upper and Lower country, and placed garrisons in the most suitable places. He fortified more especially the eastern frontier, foreseeing, as he did, that the Assyrians, whose power was then at its height, would make an attempt to force their way into the Empire from that quarter.
第 465 頁 - ... years,' in consequence of his fortunate administration, every kind of distinction was showered upon him. ' The distinguished men at the court bowed themselves before him outside the door of the palace. And when the kings of the nine foreign nations of the South and of the North came before him, they stretched out their hands at his approach, and praised his soul, as if he had been God. Then all was done that was appointed to be done, under the orders which he [gave].
第 69 頁 - Pyramids, as if they were regularly crystallised mountains, which the ever-creating Nature has called forth from the mother soil of rock, to lift themselves up towards the blue vault of heaven. And yet they are but tombs, built by the hands of men, which...
第 140 頁 - ... of the king, and who as judge gave decisions and restored to the owner his property. As chief architect of the king he promoted the worship of the gods, and instructed the inhabitants of the country according to the best of his knowledge, even as God has commanded to be done. He protected the unfortunate, and freed him who was in want of freedom.
第 267 頁 - And he loaded himself with his burden, and went out into the field. And he went to his elder brother, and they completed their day's work. When it was now evening, the elder brother returned home to his dwelling. And his...
第 263 頁 - I collected the harvest, a friend of the harvest god. I was watchful at the time of sowing. And now when a famine arose, lasting many years, I issued out corn to the city at each famine.
第 468 頁 - ... shallows of the marsh-land of Nathu as far as Nubia. He had all their images sculptured, each as it had been before, more than . . . And the sun-god Ra rejoiced, when he beheld [that renewed which] had been destroyed in former times. He set them up in their temple, and he had a hundred images made, one of each of them, of like form, and of all kinds of costly stones. He visited the cities of the gods, which lay as heaps of rubbish in this land, and he had them restored just as they had been from...