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thily deserve to be punished, by nation to his holy will we re. the comfort of thy grace may ceive the same, they will work mercifully be relieved; through together for our good. our Lord and Saviour Jesus It is your part and duty, thereChrist. Amen.

fore, to humble yourself under O

deserve punishment, and knowledge the righteousness of in thy wrath rememberest mer- his judgments, and to endeacy; we humbly beseech thee, vour, that, by his grace, this of thy goodness, to comfort and present visitation may lead you succour all those who are under to a sincere and hearty repentreproach and misery in the ance. house of bondage ; correct them The way and means thereto not in thine anger, neither chas- is, to examine your life and conten them in thy sore displeasure. versation by the rule of God's Give them a right understand. commandments; and whereining of themselves, and of thy soever you shall perceive yourthreats and promises; that they self to have offended either may neither cast away their con- by will, word, or deed, there fidence in thee, nor place it any to bewail your own sinfulness, where but in thee. Relieve the and to confess yourself to Al

. distressed, protect the innocent, mighty God, with full purpose and awaken the guilty : And of amendment of life. And forasmuch as thou alone bring. if you shall perceive your ofest light out of darkness, and fences to be such as are not good out of evil, grant that the only against God, but also pains and punishments which against your neighbours; then these thy servants endure, to reconcile yourself to them, through their bodily confine- being ready to make restitution ment, may tend to setting free and satisfaction, according to their souls from the chains of the uttermost of your power, sin; through Jesus Christ our for all injuries and wrongs done Lord. Amen.

by you to any other: and being Here the Minister, as he shall see conve- likewise ready to forgive others nient, may read the Prayer for All condi. tions of Men, the Collect for Ash-Wednes who have offended you, as you day, and the Collect beginning, Almighty would have forgiveness of your God, the fountain of all wisdom, &c or any offences at God's hand. And to other Prayer of the Liturgy, which he shall judge proper.

this true repentance and change T Then shaủ the Minister exhort the Prison of mind you must add a lively er or Prisoners after this Form, or other

and steadfast faith, and depenEARLY beloved, know dence upon the merits of the

like :

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whose never

failing providence resignation of yourself to the governeth all things both in will of God. Except you reheaven and earth, hath so wise- pent, and believe, we can give ly and mercifully ordered the you no hope of salvation: But course of this world, that his if you do sincerely repent and judgments are often sent as fa- believe, God hath declared, therly corrections to us; and if though your sins be as red as with due submission and resig- scarlet, they shall be made white

as snow, though your wicked: HAE mercy upon me,


God, after thy great goodhead, yet shall they not be your ness; according to the multidestruction.

tude of thy mercies, do away We exhort you therefore in mine offences. the name of God, and of his dear Wash me thoroughly from Son Jesus Christ our Saviour, my wickedness; and cleanse me and as you tender your own sal- from my sin. vation, to take good heed of For I acknowledge my faults;

I these things in time, while the and my sin is ever before me. day of salvation lasteth; for the Against thee only have I sinnight cometh, when no man can ned, and done this evil in thy work. While you have the sight; that thou mightest be light, believe in the light, and justified in thy saying, and clear walk as children of the light, when thou art judged. that you be not cast into outer Behold, I was shapen in wickdarkness; that you may not edness; and in sin hath my moknock, when the door shall be ther conceived me. shut; and cry for mercy,

when But lo, thou requirest truth it is the time of justice. Now in the inward parts; and shalt you are the object of God's make me to understand wisdom mercy, if by repentance and secretly. true faith you turn unto him: Thou shalt purge me with but if you neglect these things, hyssop, and I shall be clean; you will be the object of his jus- thou shalt wash me, and I shali tice and vengeance: Now you be whiter than snow. may claim the merits of Christ; Thou shalt make me hear of but if

you die in your sins, his joy and gladness; that the bones sufferings will tend to your which thou hast broken may regreater condemnation. O be- joice. loved, consider in this your day,

Turn thy face from my sins; how fearful a thing it will be to and put out all my misdeeds. fall into the hands of the living Make me a clean heart, O God, when you can neither fly God; and renew a right spirit to his mercy to protect you, nor within me. to the merits of Christ to cover Cast me not away from thy you in that terrible day. presence; and take not thy HoHere the Minister shall examine him con- ly Spirit from me. cerning his Faith, and rehearse the Articles of the Creed, Dost thou believe in God, &c.

O give me the comfort of thy And the Prisoner shall answer,

help again; and stablish me All this I steadfastly believe, with thy free Spirit. Then shall the Minister examine whether

Then shall I teach thy ways he repent him truly of his sins, and be in unto the wicked; and sinners charity with all the world, and further ad. shall be converted unto thee. monish him particularly concerning the crimes wherewith he is charged; and ex- Deliver me from blood guiltihort him, if he have any scruples, that he would

declare the same, and prepare him ness, O God, thou that art the self for the Holy Communion, against the God of my health; and my time that it may be proper to administer it tongue shall sing of thy righteThen, all kneeling, the Minister shall say

ousness. as follows, from the 51st Psalm : Thou shalt open my lips, O

to him.



Lord; and my mouth shall show the sentence and condemnation thy praise.

of the law: You are shortly to For thou desirest no sacrifice, suffer death in such a manner, else would I give it thee; but that others, warned by your exthou delightest not in burnt ample, may be the more afraid offerings.

to offend; and we pray God, The sacrifice of God is a that you may make such use of troubled Spirit; a broken and your punishments in this world, contrite heart, O God, shalt thou that your soul may be saved in not despise.

the world to come. q Then the Minister shall say, Wherefore we come to you Let us pray.

in the bowels of compassion; Lord, we beseech thee, and, being desirous that you

mercifully hear our pray- should avoid presumption on ers, and spare all those who con- the one hand, and despair on fess their sins unto thee; that the other, shall plainly lay bethey, whose consciences by sin fore you the wretchedness of are accused, by thy merciful par- your condition, and declare how don may be absolved, through far you ought to depend on the Christ our Lord. Amen. mercies of God, and the merits God, whose mercy is ever- of our Saviour. Consider

then look down with pity and com- appearance the time of your dispassion upon the sufferings of solution draweth near; your sins this thy servant ; and whether have laid fast hold upon you; thou visitest for trial of his pa- you are soon to be removed tience, or punishment of his of- from among men by «a violent fences, enable him by thy grace death; and you shall fade away cheerfully to submit himself to suddenly like the grass, which thy holy will and pleasure. Go in the morning is green and not far from those, O Lord, groweth up, but in the evening

, whom thou hast laid in a place is cut down, dried up, and wiof darkness, and in the deep; thered. After you have thus and forasmuch as thou hast not finished the course of a sinful cut him off suddenly, but chas- and miserable life, you shall

aptenest him as a Father; grant pear before the Judge of all flesh; that he, duly considering thy who, as he pronounces blessings great mercies, may be unfeign- on the righteous, shall likewise edly thankful, and turn unto say, with a terrible voice of most thee with true repentance and just judgment, to the wicked, sincerity of heart, through Jesus Go, ye accursed, into the fire Christ our Lord. Amen. everlasting, prepared for the de4 Prayers for Persons under Sentence of vil and his angels. Death.

Your sins have brought you IVhen a Criminal is under Sentence of Death, the Minister shall proceed, imme. too near this dreadful sentence: diately after the Collect, o God who spar. It is therefore your part and est, &c. to exhort him after this Form, or

duty, my brother, humbly to EARLY beloved, it hath confess and bewail your great

pleased Almighty God, in and manifold offences, and to rehis justice, to bring you under pent you truly of your sins, as


other like:


you tender the eternal salvation to the just judgment of God, of your soul.

which your own crimes have Be not deceived with a vain brought upon you, and be in

a and presumptuous expectation charity with all men; being reaof God's favour, nor say within dy sincerely to forgive all such yourself, Peace, Peace, where as have offended you, not ex. there is no peace; for there is cepting those who have proseno peace, says my God, to the cuted you even unto death : wicked. God is not mocked; And, though this may seem a he is of purer eyes than to be- hard saying, yet know assuredhold iniquity; and without ho- ly, that without it your charity liness no man shall see the Lord. is not yet perfect. And fail not On the other hand, despair not earnestly to endeavour and pray of God's mercy, though trouble for this blessed temper and comis on every side; for God shut- posure of mind : So may you teth not up his mercies for ever cast yourself with an entire dein displeasure: But if we con- pendence upon the mercies of fess our sins, he is faithful and God, through the merits of our just to forgive us our sins, and Saviour and Redeemer Jesus to cleanse us from all unrighte- Christ. qusness. Do not either wayHere the Minister shall examine him conabuse the goodness of God, who cerning his Faith, and rehearse the Arti

cles of the Creed, Dost thou believe in God, calleth us mercifully to amend

&c. And the Criminal shall answer, ment, and of his endless pity

All this I steadfastly believe. promiseth us forgiveness of that

1 Then shall the Minister examine whether which is past, if with a perfect he repent him truly of his sins, exhorting and true heart we return unto him to a particular "Confession of the sin

for which he is condemned, and upon Conhim.

fession, he shall instruct him what satisSince therefore you are soon

faction ought to be made to those whom he to pass into an endless and un

has offended thereby; and if he knoweth

any combinations in wickedness, or any evil changeable state, and your fu- practices designed against others, let him ture happiness or misery de

be admonished to the

utmost of his power to

discover and prevent them. pends upon the few moments 1 After his Confession, the Minister shall dewhich are left you; I require

clare to him the pardoning mercy of God,

in the Form which is used in the Commu. you strictly to examine your

nion Service. self, and your estate both to- I After which shall be said the Collect folwards God and towards man;

lowing : and let no worldly consideration O Holy Jesus, who of thine from

infinite didst acand full confession of your sins, cept the conversion of a sinner and giving all the satisfaction on the cross; open thine eye of which is in your power to every mercy upon this thy servant, one whom you have wronged who desireth pardon and for or injured; that you may find giveness, though in his latest mercy at your heavenly Father's hour he turneth unto thee. Rehand, for Christ's sake, and not new in him whatsoever hath be condemned in the dreadful been decayed by the fraud and day of judgment.

malice of the devil, or by his Lastly, beloved, submit your own carnal will and frailness. self with Christian resignation Consider his contrition; accept shall say,

his repentance; and forasmuch q Then the Minister standing, as he putteth his full trust only in thy mercy, impute not unto him IN the midst of life we are in

former him with thy blessed Spirit; and seek for succour, but of thee, when thou art pleased to take O Lord, who for our sins art him hence, take him unto thy justly displeased ? favour: This we beg through Yet, O Lord God most holy, thy merits, O Lord, our Saviour O Lord most mighty, O holy and our Redeemer. Amen. and most merciful Saviour, de

liver us not into the bitter pains 1 Then the Minister shall say,

of eternal death. O

Father of mercies and God Thou knowest, Lord, the se

of all comfort; we fly unto crets of our hearts: Shut not thee for succour in behalf of this thy merciful ears to our prayers; thy servant, who is now under but spare us, Lord most holy, the sentence of condemnation. O God most mighty, O holy The day of his calamity is at and merciful Saviour, thou most hand, and he is accounted as one worthy Judge eternal, suffer us of those who go down into the not, at our last hour, for any pit. Blessed Lord, remember pains of death to fall from thee. thy mercies; look upon his in

Then the Minister shall say, firmities ; hear

the voice of his THE Almighty God, who is complaint; give him, we be- most strong all seech thee, patience in this his those who put their trust in him; time of adversity, and support to whom all things in heaven, in under the terrors which encom. earth, and under the earth, do pass him; set before his eyes bow and obey; be now and the things he hath done in the evermore thy defence; and body, which have justly pro- make thee know and feel that voked thee to anger; and for. there is none other name under asmuch as his continuance heaven given to man, in whom appeareth to be short amongst and through whom thou mayest us, quicken him so much the receive salvation, but only the more by thy grace and holy Spi- name of our Lord Jesus Christ. rit; that he, being converted Amen. and reconciled unto thee, before And after that shall say, thy judgments have cut him

off UNTO God's gracious mer, may

protection we of his death depart in peace, and mit thee: The Lord bless thee be received into thine everlast- and keep thee: The Lord make ing kingdom, through Jesus his face to shine upon thee, and Christ our Lord. Amen. be gracious unto thee: The

Lord lift up his countenance Adding this :

upon thee, and give thee peace, O

Saviour of the world, who both now and evermore.

by thy cross and precious 1 At the time of Execution, besides all, or blood hast redeemed us, save

such parts of the foregoing Office as the

Minister shall judge proper, shall be said us and help us, we humbly be.

the Commendatory Prayer for a Person at seech thee, Lord.

the point of Departure, as it is in the Visitation of the Sick.

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