Landscape in Poetry: From Homer to Tennyson

Kessinger Publishing, 2004年6月1日 - 316 頁
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1897. With many illustrative examples. Francis Turner Palgrave, is remembered as the friend of Tennyson, the editor of The Golden Treasury and the twenty-first Professor of Poetry at Oxford. Contents: Landscape in the Greek Epic; Landscape in Greek Lyrical, Idyllic, and Epigrammatic Poetry; Landscape in Lucretius, Vergil, and Other Augustan Poets; Landscape in Later Roman Epic and the Elocutio Novella; Landscape in the Hebrew Poetry; Landscape in Early Italian Poetry; Landscape in Celtic and Gaelic Poetry; Landscape in Anglo-Saxon Poetry; Landscape in English Mediaeval Poetry-Chaucer and His Successors; Landscape in Elizabethan Poetry; Landscape Poetry Under the Stuart Kings; Landscape Poetry to the Close of the Eighteenth Century; Landscape in Recent Poetry-Scott and Byron; Landscape in Recent Poetry-Colerige, Keats, Shelley; The Landscape of Wordsworth; The Landscape of Browning, Arnold, Barnes, and Charles Tennyson; and The Landscape of Alfred Lord Tennyson. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

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About the Author:
Francis Turner Palgrave is a poet, translator, editor, and anthologist. He is was the editor of the fifth edition of The Golden Treasury thirty years ago.