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Illustrated by Harrison Weir, Taylor, Dodgson, Horsley, etc.,
etc., and superbly bound, small 4to, 18s.

"Few poets, on the whole, have lead a life more enviable, in a secular point of view, than the author of 'The Seasons.' He had most of the merits, with comparatively few of the faults of genius. His fame was speedily established, and his fortune, too, secured more rapidly than was, or is still, common with literary men. He has been, and is likely to remain, one of the most popular of poets. He has appealed directly to that broad, deep love of nature which beats in the human breast, and identified his fame with the sights and sounds of the material universe, with rising and setting suns, with seed-time and harvest, summer and winter,-and while these remain, Thomson's poetry must. His poem stands up before us, a great picture of nature, and were the universe to perish, and did it survive in another sphere, it would give some idea of its original.

"Thomson does not seem to have gone into the fields elaborately to cull images, or to observe objects with a minute and botanical eye, but as he sat carelessly on the stile, or lay dissolved in luxurious semi-sleep under the mid-day shade, Nature came and painted itself on his favoured eye. Hence his descriptions excel as much in daguerrotypic accuracy as in bold force."-Rev. George Gilfillan.

THE LITERARY GIFT BOOK; for Fireside, Seaside and Garden. Edited by GEORGE FREDERICK PARDON. Illustrated with Ten Steel Engravings. Sup. royal 8vo. Elegantly bound; 7s. 6d. CONTENTS:

[blocks in formation]

FACES IN THE FIRE; SHADOWS ON THE WALL; and other Tales and Sketches; by GEORGE FREDERICK PARDON. With Four Coloured Steel Plates and numerous Engravings. Crimson cloth, gilt edges, 3s. 6d.; plain edges, 3s. Second Edition, with additions.

"A pretty story, which reads as well as when it first appeared."-Atlas. "A collection of pleasant, well-written, and very attractive stories."-Dispatch. "Capitally told picturesquely written worth writing, and consequently worth reading."-The Field.

"Prettily told, in a clear, musical style, that savours, we will not say of conscious imitation, but of a loving acquaintance with the works of Mr. Dickens."-Ch. Times. "One can read from the beginning and go on to the end without any sense of fatigue or dullness. Mr. Pardon has considerable command over those agencies by which the emotions of the heart are moved His power of observation is quick. The moral of the story is good.."-Bristol Advertiser. "Mr. George Frederick Pardon has produced a story which, for style, humour, pathos, and graphic power, merits a high place in its class."-Aberdeen Free Press

London: JAMES BLACKWOOD, Paternoster Row.


SOUTH WALES, Beyond the Boundaries, with Sketches of Life at the Mining Districts. By FREDERIC DE BREBANT COOPER. Crown 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.

"In the many works upon Australia that have been produced, few seem to touch upon the far north, and none give an idea even partial and indistinct of the actual life upon the interior boundaries of the Colony, where the advancing wave of civilization is gradually but surely driving back, step by step, the Aborigines, who, there at least, uncontaminated by long contact with the whites, are not the spiritless, crushed beings, that may be supposed from the descriptions that have hitherto been drawn of the natives."-Preface.

"These adventures are narrated in a very graphic and spirited manner; the author's perils begin almost directly, for he is shipwrecked off the Australian coast, and has to swim for his life, he is saved, however, and makes his way into the interior, of which he gives a faithful but certainly not a very tempting description. The book has its merits.-British Banner.

OLIVER CROMWELL, a Biography; compiled from Contemporary and other Sources. By WILLIAM HAZLITT. Fcap. cloth, price 5s.; gilt edges, 5s. 6d.


CHAP. 1. The Family of Cromwell; | CHAP. X. The Second Civil War; Oliver's Early Life. Trial and Execution of the King. II. Cromwell in Parliament; Resi- XI. The Agitators of the Army; dence at St. Ives. The Levellers; Military Insurrections.

III. Progress of Puritanism.

IV. Cromwell at Ely.

XII. Cromwell in Ireland.

V. The Short and Long Parlia- XIII. Cromwell again in Scotland.


XIV. Charles II. Enters England

VI. The First Civil War; Crom- The Battle of Worcester.

well Commences his Military Career.

XV. The Dismissal of the Long

XVI. The Barebones' Parliament;
Self- The Instrument of Govern.
New ment.

VII. The Fight at Marston Moor;
State of Parties; The
Denying Ordinance;

Model of the Army.

XVII. The Lord Protectorate.

VIII. Cromwell in the West; Battle XVIII. Cromwell's Third Parlia

of Naseby.

IX. The Struggle for Dominion

between the Parliament and the Army.

ment; The Humble Petition and Advice.

XIX. From the Inauguration of Cromwell as Lord High Protector to his Death.

VAGABOND LIFE; or, a WANDERER'S ADVENTURES IN MEXICO. By GABRIEL FERRY, for seven years resident in that country. Second edition. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 5s.

"We have not met for a long period with a more entertaining work than this volume. May be read for pleasure or for profit."-Tait.


"This is an amusing volume, furnishing vivid sketches of life, manners, and morals in Mexico. These sketches appear to be faithful to reality."-Daily Scotsman.

"Mr. Ferry, the author of the lively and spirited sketches before us, spent seven years in Mexico, and has made good use of his time and opportunities."

"He possesses a fine eye for the picturesque, great powers of description and a fluent and agreeable style; he also possesses the rare art of bringing vividly before his readers the results of his observation and experience, and many of his descriptions of Mexican manners and scenery are the best and most animated we have met with."-London Quarterly Review.

London: JAMES BLACKWOOD, Paternoster Row.


A Tale.


A Tale.



I saw her upon nearer view,

A Spirit, yet a Woman too!

Her household motions light and free,
And steps of virgin liberty;

A countenance in which did meet

Sweet records, promises as sweet;

A creature not too bright or good

For human nature's daily food;

For transient sorrows, simple wiles,

Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears and smiles.




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