British Theatre, 第 21 卷

J. Bell, 1791

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第 46 頁 - I have known thee a great while, never go, if I do not love thee as well as a new acquaintance.
第 77 頁 - You must make haste and help me away before tomorrow, or else I shall be for ever out of your reach, for I can defer no longer our. . . .' What follows 'our
第 79 頁 - Well, let me reason a little with my mad self. Now, don't I transgress all rules, to venture upon a man without the advice of the grave and...
第 64 頁 - Pinch. Write, I say! Mrs. Pinch. Well then. [Writes. Pinch. Let's see, what have you writ? — [Takes the paper and reads.] "Though I suffered last night your kisses and embraces
第 19 頁 - ... father. Miran. No, I have liberty, wench ; that she wants : what would she give now to be in this dishabille in the open air,, nay more, in pursuit of the young fellow she likes ? for that's my case I assure you. Patch. As for that, madam, she's even with you ; for tho' she cann't come abroad we have a way to bring him home in spite of old Argus.
第 28 頁 - Con. Your service is too liberal, worthy sir. Thus far I shall entreat — Fred. Command me, lady : You may make your power too poor.
第 43 頁 - Babinetto arrives, who shall marry her as soon as he comes, and carry her to Spain as soon as he has married her. She has a pregnant wit, and I'd no more have her an English wife than the Grand Signior's mistress.
第 9 頁 - Is it possible that any thing in nature can ruffle the temper of a man, whom the four seasons of the year compliment with as many thousand pounds, nay, and a father at rest with his ancestors ? Sir Geo.
第 78 頁 - She'll be angry with me; but I had rather she should be angry with me than you, bud; and, to tell you the truth, 'twas she made me write the letter, and taught me what I should write.
第 29 頁 - Marrying you is no more sign of his love than bribing your woman, that he may marry you, is a sign of his generosity.