Body Bag Religion

AuthorHouse, 2008 - 184 頁
Death: The very thought of death haunts us. When it comes knocking at our door, we desperately try to avoid having to answer it. When it enters in to our family, everything changes forever. Casket: A reminder of THE END. Once that lid is closed, nothing on this side of heaven will ever be able to open it again. Grave: That one final destination that has only a one-way ticket. Once the last shovel of soil is thrown on the plot everything is over. Every visit to the grave reopens the wounds that seem to never heal. But wait.. What if I told you that the very book that is in your hand can reverse death, eliminate the casket and shred that one-way ticket to the grave? This book can do just that. Not in your physical death, casket and grave but in your heart and spirit. Author Greg Williams will take you on an adventure that describes the horror and tragedy of what is happening in so many Christian lives and churches. The good news is that Williams also gives you the tools that you may need to experience a true life-changing resurrection in your walk with the Lord. Are you tired of tasting the spiritual embalming fluid on your lips during worship, feeling the wax cold emotions of Bible study and a comatose prayer life? Then this book is for you. The next 21 days will change your life forever and help you eliminate what so many people have embraced.. Body Bag Religion.

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I bought this book out of interest because of the cover and title. But when I started reading it....I couldn't put it down. It grabbed me from the start and I couldn't wait to read the next chapter ... 閱讀評論全文

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