Treasures in Song and Story from Aunt Mary's Portfolio

Crosby, Nichols, 1853 - 224页
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第13页 - There's not a flower on all the hills : the frost is on the pane : I only wish to live till the snowdrops come again : I wish the snow would melt and the sun come out on high : I long to see a flower so before the day I die.
第62页 - Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.
第13页 - To-night I saw the sun set: he set and left behind The good old year, the dear old time, and all my peace of mind; And the...
第15页 - Tis dreary crossing o'er the wold. He's crossing o'er the wold apace, He's stronger than the storm ; He does not feel the cold — not he, His heart it is so warm. For father's heart is stout and true, As ever human bosom knew.
第155页 - I'll love him still, for I think the way To make him gentle and kind to me, Will be better shown if I let him see I strive to do what I think is right ; And thus, when we kneel in prayer to-night, I will clasp my arms around my brother, And say, " Little children, love one another.
第14页 - Let my sins be all forgiven, Bless the friends I love so well ; Take me when I die to heaven, Happy there with Thee to dwell.
第90页 - ... you are poor and needy, and you have bought the loaf; and the baker may tell a lie, and " — ' " I will not listen to you, my boy. I bought the loaf, but I did not buy the gold in it. If the baker sold it to me in ignorance, I shall not be so dishonest as to take advantage of him.
第112页 - And they were going up to heaven, With all that had been done By little children, good or bad, Since the last rising sun. And some had gold and purple wings ; Some drooped like faded flowers, And sadly soared to tell the tale, That they were misspent Hours.
第34页 - All through the day, I humbly pray, Be Thou my guard and guide ; My sins forgive, And let me live Blest Jesus, near Thy side.
第30页 - My kittens, with tails all so cunningly curled Are the prettiest things that can be in the world The bird on the tree, And the old ewe, she May love their babies exceedingly ; But I love my kittens there Under the rocking-chair. I love my kittens with all my might ; I love them at morning...