Origins of the Bill of Rights

Yale University Press, 1999 - 306页
Americans resorted to arms in 1775 not to establish new liberties but to defend old ones, explains constitutional historian Leonard W. Levy in this history of the origins of the Bill of Rights. Unencumbered by a rigid class system, an arbitrary government, or a single established church squelching dissent, colonial Americans understood freedom in a far more comprehensive and liberal way than the English, Levy shows. He offers here a panoramic view of the liberties secured by the first ten amendments to the Constitution-a penetrating analysis of the background of the Bill of Rights the meanings of each provision of the amendments.

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Origins of the Bill of Rights

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Constitutional historian Levy, author of 36 books concerning American politics and constitutional issues (e.g., The Palladium of Justice: Origins of Trial by Jury), provides a systematic and ... 阅读完整评价

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Extensive while at the same time easy to read. 阅读完整评价

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Levy is Mellon Professor Emeritus at the Claremont Graduate School and Distinguished Scholar in residence at Southern Oregon State College.