The History of Henry Esmond, Esq: A Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Queen Anne

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1858 - 464页

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第60页 - Papa could not hear me, and would play with me no more, for they were going to put him under ground, whence he could never come to us again.
第382页 - I wear the scar, hath become part of my frame and influenced my whole body, nay, spirit subsequently, though 'twas got and healed forty years ago. Parting and forgetting ! What faithful heart can do these ? Our great thoughts, our great affections, the Truths of our life, never leave us. Surely, they cannot separate from our consciousness ; shall follow it whithersoever that shall go ; and are of their nature divine and immortal.
第211页 - ... except her cheeks, which were a bright red, and her lips, which were of a still deeper crimson. Her mouth and chin, they said, were too large and full ; and so they might be for a goddess in marble, but not for a woman whose eyes were fire, whose look was love, whose voice was the sweetest low song, whose shape was perfect symmetry, health, decision, activity, whose foot as it planted itself on the ground was firm but flexible, and whose motion, whether rapid or slow, was always perfect grace...
第458页 - Majesty," says the Colonel, with a very low bow, " and the gentlemen of our family are come to thank you." " Malediction I " says the young man, tears starting into his eyes with helpless rage and mortification. " What will you with me, gentlemen ? " "If your Majesty will please to enter the next apartment," says Esmond, preserving his grave tone, " I have some papers there which I would gladly submit to you, and by your permission I will lead the way " ; and, taking the taper up, and backing before...
第60页 - The first sense of sorrow I ever knew was upon the death of my father, at which time I was not quite five years of age; but was rather amazed at what all the house meant, than possessed with a real understanding why nobody was willing to play with me.
第210页 - Esmond had left a child and found a woman, grown beyond the common height ; and arrived at such a dazzling completeness of beauty, that his eyes might well show surprise and delight at beholding her. In hers there was a brightness so lustrous and melting, that I have seen a whole assembly follow her as if by an attraction irresistible: and that night the great duke was at the playhouse after...
第274页 - ... gables of the city. A bird came down from a roof opposite, and lit first on a cross, and then on the grass below it, whence it flew away presently with a leaf in its mouth: then came a sound as of chanting, from the chapel of the sisters hard by; others had long since filled the place which poor Mary...
第459页 - ... that our family hath ruined itself by fidelity to yours: that my grandfather spent his estate, and gave his blood and his son to die for your service; that my dear lord's grandfather (for lord you are now, Frank, by right and title too) died for the same cause; that my poor kinswoman, my father's second wife, after giving away her...