Jones's British Theatre, 第 10 卷

Chambers, 1795

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第 84 頁 - I expire. — Then I love play, to distraction ! — cards enchant me — and dice — put me out of my little wits — Dear, dear hazard ! — Oh, what a flow of spirits it gives one !— Do you never play at hazard, child ? Lady G.
第 23 頁 - Not directly — but that imports nothing; he is a man too well acquainted with the female world to be brought into a high opinion of any one woman, without some well-examined proof of her merit; yet I...
第 133 頁 - I triumphed over hearts, while all my pleasure was their pain: yet was my own so equally insensible to all, that, when a father's firm commands, enjoined me to make choice of one, I even there declined the liberty he gave, and, to his own election, yielded up my youth. — his tender care, my lord, directed him to you — Our .hands were...
第 15 頁 - ... it, insupportable! for, on the pride of that single virtue, she seems to lay it down as a fundamental point, that the free indulgence of every other vice this fertile town affords, is the birthright prerogative of a woman of quality.
第 15 頁 - WHY did I marry? Was it not evident, my plain, rational / Scheme of Life was impracticable, with a Woman of so different ^ a way of Thinking ? Is there one Article of it, that she has not broke in upon?
第 57 頁 - Indian, rich and with a warmth of heart peculiar to his climate, has rescued my father from his troubles, satisfied his wants, and enabled him to accomplish his exchange. When I relate to you the manner in which this was done, you will be charmed; I can only now add, that it was by chance we found out that his name is Belcour, and that he is a friend of Mr. Stockwell's. I...
第 6 頁 - Ah ! that's an office I am weary of; I wish a friend would take it up ; I would to heaven you had leisure for the employ ; but, did you drive a trade...
第 21 頁 - Continual licence has lull'd her into such a lethargy of care, that she speaks of her excesses with the same easy confidence, as if they were so many virtues. What a turn has her head taken ! — But how to cure it — take my friend's opinion — Manly will speak freely — my sister with tenderness to both sides. They know my case — I'll talk with them.
第 110 頁 - I see you are innocent, and it was cruel to suspect you You have taken a load of anguish off my mind — and yet your kind interposition comes too late; Mr. Oakly's love for me is entirely destroyed. [Weeping.
第 47 頁 - I'll have nothing to do with them ; leave your diamonds with, me, and give your order for the value of them to the owner ; the money would be as good as the trinkets, I warrant you. Bel. Hey ! how ! I never thought of that ; but a breach of trust ; 'tis impossible : I never can consent, therefore give me the jewels back again. Mrs. Ful. Take them; I am now to tell you, the lady is in this house.