The comic song book, ed. by J.E. Carpenter

Routledge, Warne & Routledge, 1863 - 276 頁

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第 19 頁 - you've lost the feet Of legs in war's alarms, And now you cannot wear your shoes Upon your feats of arms!" "O false and fickle Nelly Gray! I know why you refuse: Though I've no feet, some other man Is standing in my shoes. "I wish I ne'er had seen your face; But, now, a long farewell! For you will be my death;— alas! You will not be my Nell!
第 9 頁 - Come, girl,' said he, 'hold up your head/ He'll be as good as me; For when your swain is in our boat, A boatswain he will be.
第 19 頁 - Before you had those timber toes, Your love I did allow, But then you know, you stand upon Another footing now!" "O Nelly Gray! O Nelly Gray! For all your jeering speeches, At duty's call I left my legs In Badajos's breaches!
第 19 頁 - One end he tied around a beam, And then removed his pegs, And, as his legs were off — of course. He soon was off his legs...
第 256 頁 - The town of Passage Is both large and spacious, And situated Upon the say. 'Tis nate and dacent, And quite adjacent To come from Cork On a summer's day ; There you may slip in To take a dipping, Foment the shipping That at anchor ride ; Or in a wherry Cross o'er the ferry To Carrigaloe, On the other side.
第 87 頁 - Tis destroying your hair Which should be flowing free; Be no longer a churl Of its black silken curl — Och hone! Widow Machree! Widow Machree, now the summer is come, Och hone! Widow Machree: When everything smiles, should a beauty look glum ? Och hone!
第 223 頁 - Boys, don't be fightin' for eight or for nine, Don't be always dividin' — but sometimes combine; Combine eight with nine, and seventeen is the mark, So let that be his birthday." — " Amen,
第 239 頁 - And as for them who're out all day On business from their houses, And late at night are coming home, To cheer their babes and spouses, — While you and I, Bill, on the deck Are comfortably lying, My eyes! what tiles and chimney-pots About their heads are flying!
第 241 頁 - Kings are by God appointed, And damned are those who dare resist, Or touch the Lord's anointed.
第 57 頁 - Ireland's isle; Where true hospitality opens the door, And friendship detains us for one bottle more. One bottle more, arrah, one bottle more: And friendship detains us for one bottle more. Old England, your taunts on our country forbear ; With our bulls and our brogues we are true and sincere ; For if but one bottle remains in our store, We have generous hearts to give that bottle more.