extensive crescent wings; the whole is of brick, stuccoed white. The window-shutters were closed, and the glass in several places broken; all looked dreary and desolate: after thundering at the door with a stick, we at length gained admittance. The apartments were handsome, and contained several good Flemish paintings. The domestic shewed us, with great exultation, the hall in which the Crown Prince entertained Prince William of Gloucester with a grand dinner about two years before. The Danes always mentioned this Prince with expressions of regard and admiration, that shewed how favourable were the impressions created by his amiable deportment and engaging manners during his visit to Denmark. The gardens and woods are very beautiful, but neglected, and gently slope down to the extensive lake of Esserom. As we roved along, the birds, with plaintive melodies, hailed the moist approach of evening, and our time just admitted of our visiting, which we did with real satisfaction, a vast number of statues, which are circularly ranged in an open space surrounded by shrubs, representing the various costumes of the Norwegian peasantry : some of them appeared to be admirably chiseled.

Upon returning to the carriage, the images of what I had just seen produced the following lines:





Blest are the steps of Virtue's queen!
Where'er she moves fresh roses bloom,
And when she droops, kind Nature pours
Her genuine tears in gentle show'rs,
That love to dew the willow green
That over-canopies her tomb.

But ah! no willing mourner here
Attends to tell the tale of woe:
Why is yon statue prostrate thrown,
Why has the grass green'd o'er the stone,
Why 'gainst the spider'd casement drear
So sullen seems the wind to blow?

How mournful was the lonely bird,
Within yon dark neglected grove !
Say, was it fancy? From its throat
Issu'd a strange and cheerless note;
'Twas not so sad as grief I heard,
Nor yet so wildly sweet as love.

In the deep gloom of yonder dell,
Ambition's blood-stain'd victims sighed :
While time beholds, without a tear,
Fell Desolation hovering near,

blushes seem to tell,
Here Juliana shudd'ring died.

As we descended to Elsineur, the town, the Sound, enlivened by. shipping at anchor and under sail, and the shores of Sweden, presented an enchanting prospect, which the brilliancy

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of the sky at this season of the year, in these northern climates, enabled me to contemplate till midnight. The next morning, as I was quitting my hotel to take another ramble, the Governor of Copenhagen, Prince W., and his Princess and suite, who had been spending the preceding day at Elsineur, were setting off for the capital : they were all crammed into a shabby coach, drawn by six horses in rope harness. It is astonishing how little a handsome travelling equipage is understood upon the continent. The town, which is principally built of brick, is large, and has a very respectable appearance.

The gardens of Marie Lyst, or Maria’s Delight, which are within half an English mile of Elsineur, cannot fail to prove very interesting to every admirer of our immortal Shakespeare. I here trod upon the very spot, where, with all the uncertainty of antiquity, tradition asserts that the Father of Hamlet was murdered : that affecting drama is doubly dear to me. Its beauties are above all eulogium; and I well remember, the desire of seeing a ghost occasioned its being the first I ever beheld. As I stood under the shade of a spreading beech, the Majesty of buried Denmark” seemed to say to the afflicted prince:

Sleeping within my orchard,
My custom always in the afternoon,




Upon my secure hour thine uncle stole,
With juice of cursed heberon in a vial,
And in the porches of mine ears did pour
The leperous distilment-
Thus was I sleeping, by a brother's hand
Of life, of crown, of queen, at once dispatch'd. .
Cut off, e'en in the blossoms of my sin,
Unhousell’d, unappointed, unaneald,
No reckoning made, but sent to my account
With all my imperfections on my head.

A more beautiful spot for such a frightful conference could not have been selected. The walks from this celebrated scene, to the tower which overhangs the cliff, and from whence there is a fine view of Cronberg Castle, are enchanting. There is a little chateau near Hamlet's Orchard belonging to the Crown Prince, who permits one of his chamberlains, called a kammerherr (a nobleman) to reside here: the symbol of his distinction is a singular one; a golden key, fastened by a blue ribband to the back part of the body of his coat.

The spires of the fortress of Cronberg, which appeared immediately below me, and the battlements upon which the hapless Matilda was permitted to walk during her confinement in that castle, excited an irresistible wish to lay before my reader a few of the most affecting circumstances, which passed under its gloomy roof during her captivity.

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