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“ deserved to be thrashed; and that, had we beaten him to

a jelly, so that blood had not followed, all would have been • well; but,” after a long pause, very good-humouredly said,

that we should no longer be detained,” and accordingly ordered the guards to let us pass. Nothing could exceed the chagrin of

Ivan when he heard the fate of his application :-no non-suited plaintiff ever threw his face into more burlesque distortions. Upon the road he stopped at every kabac for a drop of sorrow's medicine, which if Ivan had apostrophized, he would have exclaimed:


“Oh! thou invisible spirit of brandy; if thou hast no name to be known “ by, let us call thee Angel.”







A SHORT time before I left Petersburg, the inhabitants were apprehensive of a terrible inundation of the Neva, in consequence of the wind blowing very fresh at south-southwest, which forces the waters of the gulf of Finland against the river, and prevents the stream from finding its level. The guns of the Admiralty fired, and in the evening four lights were raised upon its church spire, the usual warning upon such occasions to the people, to take care of themselves and their property, and a general consternation spread through the city. About eight o'clock at night a part of the Galeerns hoff was five feet under water, and the bridges of pontoons rose to a considerable height, so that the planks which connected them with the shores, presented on each side a formidable acclivity, which carriages of every description surmounted by the uncommon skill and energy of the drivers and horses :



their mode of reaching these almost perpendicular ascents was effected by lashing the horses, at a considerable distance, into a full gallop, and by a great number of police officers and soldiers, who always attend at the bridges on these occasions to prevent accidents, running behind and propelling the carriage, or saving it from being dashed to pieces, by its not being able to turn the summit. Luckily the wind, the Neva, and the public apprehensions, subsided together, without any damage being done.

The change enabled our party to visit the Academy of Sciences, a noble building, situated on the north side of the Neva, in Vassilli-Ostroff. - After passing through the library, whose damp walls were feebly lighted from above, and where there is nothing but some Tartarian manuscripts worthy of detaining the attention of a traveller, we entered the museum of natural curiosities, in which the principal objects were various parts of the human frame, foetuses, miscarriages, and births, from the first impregnation to perfect birth, monsters human and animal, and a variety of most odious and disgusting et ceteras, in pickle. The skin of the Heyduc, or favourite servant of Peter the Great, is here, stretched upon a wooden image of his size, which shews that the man must have been six feet and a half high, and that nature had furnished him with a skin nearly as thick and impenetrable as that of the rhinoceros's hide. In the gallery above was a Lapponian dog



sledge; the habiliments of a Siberian magician, or gipsey, principally composed of a great number of iron rings and drops, placed upon a wooden statue; several presents from the undaunted and enterprising Captain Cook, and a variety of stuffed birds and animals. In the room of Peter the Great was a wax figure of his height, which was above six feet, resembling him in form and face, and dressed in one of his full suits : in an adjoining cupboard were his hat, pierced with a bullet at Pultowa, breeches that wanted repair, and stockings that required darning. In another room were his turning machines, with which he used to relax himself; cupboards filled with brazen dishes of his embossing, and spoons and platters of his turning: in short, all the curiosity which the merest trifles of great genius generally excite, is, in this instance, destroyed by their abundance. In every public garden, or building, there is a profuse display of his clothes, arms, or culinary utensils : if a twentieth part of them were burnt, the remainder would be more worthy of notice. How singular is it, that cotemporary genius never excites our attentions, and awakens our feelings, so forcibly as that which is departed! In contemplating a great man, the mind's eye reverses the laws of vision, by magnifying the object in proportion as it recedes from it. Upon the basement story is a very curious mechanical writing-desk, by Røntgen, a German, of Neuwied, presented to the Academy by Catherine, who gave twentyfive thousand rubles for it. Upon touching a spring, a variety

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of drawers fly out, a writing-desk expands, and boxes for letters and


rise. A part of the machinery may be set so, that if any person were to attempt to touch any of the private recesses appropriated for money, or confidential papers, he would be surprised by a beautiful tune, which would give due notice to the owner. We were told that, in the Academy, are to be seen moon-stones, or blocks of native iron, which, it is conjectured by the learned, must have been cast from the volcano of some planet. They were not shewn to us : but several of these phenomena are to be met with in different parts of Russia. It seems hostile to the laws of gravitation, that a single atom should be able to swerve from its planet.

Adjoining the Academy is a pavilion containing the Gottorp globe, eleven feet in diameter from pole to pole: the concavity is marked with the stars and constellations, and is capable of holding several persons: as some ladies of our party ventured in, upon the exhibitor turning the globe on its axis, we were more sensibly impressed with the idea of the motion of the heavenly bodies.

In the evening after the opera, a party of us set off to the camp, and passed the night in our carriage, in order to be present at the review, which commenced the next day at eight o'clock. After getting a comfortable breakfast in a Cossac hut, we proceeded to the ground. The manoeuvres com

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