Guide to Harrogate, and Vicinity: Including Fountains Abbey, Bolton Priory, and Ripon


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第109页 - Profits) for £1000 only- — equivalent to an immediate and certain Bonus of 20 to 25 per cent. THE "WHOLE SURPLUS goes to the Policyholders on a system at once safe and equitable — no Share going to those by whose early death .there is a loss to the common Fund.
第61页 - Cutler saw tenants break, and houses fall, For very want; he could not build a wall.
第104页 - JAY'S experienced DRESSMAKERS and MILLINERS Travel to any part of the Kingdom, Free of expense to purchasers. They take with them dresses and millinery, besides Patterns of materials, At Is. per yard and upwards, All marked in plain figures, and at same price as if purchased at the Warehouse, in Regent-st.
第56页 - LYNTON (NORTH DEVON). THE VALLEY OF ROCKS HOTEL. THIS favourite and beautifully situate First-Class Hotel is built on one of the finest sites in the neighbourhood, and largely patronised by the beet Families.
第88页 - GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS. FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD CLASS TOURIST TICKETS, available for two months, and renewable, with exceptions, up to Dec. 31st, are issued during the Summer months of each year, AT THE PRINCIPAL STATIONS ON THIS RAILWAY, to the Watering and other places of attraction in the WEST OF ENGLAND, including : — Passengers holding 1st or 2d Class Tourist Tickets to the principal stations...
第8页 - Hotel has an unrivalled situation, and is very suitable as a centre i from which the most beautiful scenery in North Wales may be visited. It is near the Station, to which it has a private road. The coaches for Llanberis, Beddgelert, and Bangor, start daily from the Hotel. AN OMNIBUS MEETS EVERY TRAIN. FISHING TICKETS FOR ALL THE NEIGHBOURING RIVERS. Billiards. Lawn Tennis. Archery. POSTING. FIRST-CLASS STABLING.
第56页 - Eeading to Swindon was also deflected to the right, but on two other circuits, one running north and south and the other east and west, the deflections were in a contrary direction. No effect appeared on short circuits or junctions from the railway into post offices, from ^ mile to | mile in length. But I should like to know, if it can be pointed out, how it is that these very short circuits show such results, because it would seem, as...
第110页 - ASSURANCE. Surrender Values allowed after payment of one year's premium. Paid-up Policies allowed in lieu of Surrender Values. Loans granted within a small margin of the Surrender Value. Extensive Foreign Residence free of charge from the first. Most of the Society's Policies become Whole-World and Indisputable after the first Five Years.
第92页 - Dumfries, &o., and Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, London, &c. PULLMAN DRAWING-ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS Are run by the Morning and Evening Express Trains between GLASGOW and LONDON. FIRTH OF CLYDE AND WEST HIGHLANDS, VIA GREENOGK. EXPRESS and FAST TRAINS are run at convenient hours between GLASGOW AND GREENOCK (St. Enoch Station) (Lynedoch St. and Princes Pier Stations) IN DIRECT CONNECTION WITH THE "COLUMBA...
第91页 - TOURISTS' TICKETS from DUBLIN TO KILLARNEY & BACK Will be issued by the Trains which run direct to Killarney, at the following Fares, viz.— FIRST CLASS. SECOND CLASS.