Bentley's Miscellany, 第 8 卷

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第619页 - My roast potatoes !— all are gone!— and so's that vulgar Boy! I rang the bell for Mrs. Jones, for she was down below, " — Oh, Mrs. Jones! what do you think? — ain't this a pretty go? — That horrid little vulgar Boy whom I brought here tonight, — He's stolen my things and run away!! " — Says she,
第283页 - If I was Injin born, now, I might tell of this, or carry in the scalp and boast of the expl'ite afore the whole tribe; or if my inimy had only been a bear!
第620页 - precious eyes,' and said he'd seen him 'sheer,' - It's very odd that sailor-men should talk so very queer And then he hitch'd his trousers up, as is, I'm told, their use, - It's very odd that sailor-men should wear those things so loose. I did not understand him well, but think he meant to say...
第76页 - Now lithe and listen, Sir Bray, to me : Lady Alice sits lonely in bower and hall, Her sighs they rise, and her tears- they fall : She sits alone, And she makes her moan ; Dance and song She considers quite wrong ; Feast and revel Mere snares of the devil ; She mendeth her hose, and she crieth " Alack ! When will Sir Ingoldsby Bray come back...
第146页 - His wife, after a cohabitation of forty years in the strictest amity, has long pined away with a sense of his decay, as well in his person as his little fortune; and, in proportion to that, she has herself decayed both in her health and reason.
第290页 - But the second horse-pistol flashed in the pan ! And Exciseman Gill, with a hearty good will, Made a grab at the collar of Smuggler Bill. The dapple-grey mare made a desperate bound When that queer dun horse on her flank she found, Alack ! and alas ! on what dangerous ground...
第276页 - ... he seized that of war. He was in the very act of raising the rifle, when a sharp report was followed by the buzz of a bullet, that passed so near his body as to cause him involuntarily to start. The next instant Deerslayer staggered, and fell his whole length in the bottom of the canoe. A yell — it came from a single voice— followed, and an Indian leaped from the bushes upon the open area of the point, bounding towards the canoe.
第281页 - ejaculated the Indian, whose voice retained its depth even as life ebbed away; "young head — old wisdom!" "It's sometimes a consolation, when the ind comes, to know that them we've harmed, or tried to harm, forgive us. I suppose natur' seeks this relief, by way of getting a pardon on 'arth; as we never can know whether He pardons, who is all in all, till judgment itself comes. It's soothing to know that any pardon at such times; and that, I conclude, is the secret. Now, as for myself, I overlook...
第82页 - So his qualms of conscience at length may cease, And Page, Dame, and Prior shall rest in peace !' Sir Ingoldsby (now no longer Bray) Is off like a shot away and away, Over the brine To far Palestine, To rummage and hunt over Ascalon plain For the unburied bones of his victim slain. ' Look out, my Squire, Look higher and...
第83页 - Little boys twelve, dressed all in white, Each with his brazen censer bright, And singing away with all their might, Follow the Palmers — a goodly sight; Next high in air Twelve Yeomen bear On their sturdy necks, with a good deal of care, A patent sarcophagus firmly reared Of Spanish mahogany (not veneered), And behind walks a Knight with a very long beard. Close by his side Is a Friar, supplied With a stout cat o...